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Understanding the complex interactions between biological systems and environmental changes, natural or anthropogenic, is a major research challenge. While traditional environmental and organism health monitoring techniques (e.g. chemical monitoring and bioassays) provide some insight, they often fail when assessing the subtle changes in ecosystem and animal physiology, such as those associated with low-level exposure(s) or environmental/climatic change. Moreover, any measurable change may be a by-product of biotic and abiotic variations. To this end, metabolomics within the environmental sciences (i.e., environmental metabolomics) attempt to assess and characterize the metabolome of living organisms, either within their environment, or via the use of model/wild-caught organisms (either in situ or in a controlled/semi-controlled setting).

Environmental metabolomics is traditionally used as a tool to investigate environmental factors, either physical or chemical, and their impact (to a specific organism or an ecosystem). To that end, within the ‘Environmental Science’ section of MDPI Metabolites, topics of interest include, but are not limited to, studies of:

  • Environmental metabolomics applied to epidemiology (environmental exposure).
  • Environmental metabolomics applied to model organisms (impacts of environmental contaminants).
  • Environmental metabolomics applied to wild-caught organisms or in situ samples (ecological impacts).
  • Environmental metabolomics applied to microbial communities (ecosystem health).

Review articles and opinion pieces related to environmental sciences and analytical and practical changes and advancements are also welcome.

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