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The Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology section of Mathematics publishes original research papers, perspectives papers, and review papers on all aspects of ecological research (including evolutionary ecology and relevant aspects of epidemiology) where the mathematical component is essential. We especially welcome papers where the use of analytical tools, models, and methods to an important ecological problem brings a clear ecological message, contributes to biological understanding, or helps to explain ecological phenomena. Papers where the use of analytical tools is combined with simulations and/or where the results of analytical study are compared with empirical results (including papers where advanced statistical methods are applied to relevant field or laboratory data) are welcome. Papers based on only numerical simulations will be considered if they bring a clear and important ecological message, e.g., if they provide evidence against a well-established ecological concept or reveal new unknown properties of well-known ecologically meaningful models and systems. Papers where routine analytical methods are applied to models of marginal novelty or papers applying only standard statistical analysis without any clear ecological message may be considered in exceptional cases. All papers are peer-reviewed.

Prof. Dr. Sergei Petrovskii
Section Editor-in-Chief


biological invasions; agroecosystems; ecological pattern formation; ecological consequences of climate change; tipping points and regime shifts; sustainability and harvesting; habitat fragmentation; complex population dynamics and chaos; synchronization; individual and collective animal movement; dispersal; evolutionary ecology; ecoepidemiology

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