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This section of Life publishes papers that explore the chemical nature of life, or the historical boundary between chemistry and biology. We focus on papers that examine the chemistry of biomacromolecules such as nucleic acids, polypeptides, lipids, polysaccharides, and other information-bearing polymers. We are also interested in papers dealing with the pre-biotic or abiotic synthesis of these molecules and their precursors, such as monomers or even plausible fragments of monomers. The chemical syntheses of protocells and the responses of such cells to changes in the chemical environment are also topics of possible publication, although studies solely focused on protocellular evolution do not belong in this section. Studies on mineralogy or bioinorganic chemistry will be considered provided they are directly relevant to living systems. We are also interested in theoretical studies of the dynamics of chemical mixtures relevant to the origins and evolution of life, such as autocatalytic sets and chemical oscillating systems. Lastly, we will consider papers dealing with alternative chemistries of life, either those that may have preceded the extant life on the Earth, or those that are models to enable studying living systems in general.


  • RNA
  • origins of Life
  • proteins
  • lipids
  • prebiotic Chemistry
  • autocatalysis
  • in vitro selection
  • ribozymes
  • DNAzymes
  • nucleic acids
  • nucleotides
  • protocells
  • artificial Life

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