Developmental Aging

A section of Journal of Developmental Biology (ISSN 2221-3759).

Section Information

The “Developmental Aging” section of the Journal of Developmental Biology publishes original research and timely review articles on all aspects of aging.  The section aims to increase our knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying developmental aging and age-related dysfunctions.

In particular, this section mainly invites contributions that report on the following issues in aging:

  • telomere erosion;
  • epigenetic alterations;
  • genomic instability;
  • loss of proteostasis;
  • deregulated metabolism;
  • mitochondrial dysfunction;
  • cellular senescence;
  • impaired intercellular communication;
  • impaired circadian clock;
  • stem cell

Editorial Board

Papers Published

This section is open for submissions.
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