FAST Track for Editorial Evaluation of Already Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts

What is the FAST track?

The FAST track is a publication track through which manuscripts that have been rejected/withdrawn but already peer-reviewed by another journal or Editorial office are submitted for consideration for publication in Journal of Developmental Biology (JDB). The goal of the FAST track is to help authors to publish their research article in a timely manner, without unnecessary delays.

When can authors use the FAST track?

Authors can transfer their manuscripts after peer review and formal rejection or withdrawal from another journal.

-Rejected manuscripts must:

  1. Have been peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers, and
  2. Report sound and correct scientific experiments, with no major scientific flaws.

-Withdrawn manuscripts are manuscripts for which at least one of the reviewers originally requested additional experiments (e.g., using new cell lines, using a new model, performing a new set of experiments …) that cannot be addressed within a reasonable amount of time and would lead to an unnecessary delay in publication of otherwise scientific, relevant, and valid research findings.

How shall I transfer my manuscript?

Once it is clear that the manuscript is not anymore under consideration for the other journal, the authors can initiate the transfer as follows.

For transfer from another MDPI journal:

The authors must email the editorial office of the journal of interest to request the transfer. Authors must specify the original manuscript ID and give a detailed rationale supporting the transfer to JDB (out-of-scope in the original journal; new, unnecessary experiments requested ….).

For transfer from a non-MDPI journal:

The authors must login to the MDPI Submission System and submit the manuscript in its most revised form, together with the original review reports from the previous journal, a point-by-point response to the reviewers comments, and a cover letter naming the originating journal and explaining why the authors request the manuscript to be considered for publication in JDB. To ensure an efficient Editorial decision, authors shall address minor revisions in the submitted version.

What happens to the transferred manuscript?

Manuscripts entering the FAST track will be checked by the editorial team, and two Associate Editors will evaluate the soundness and correctness of the research carried and the fairness of the original review reports, and determine whether the authors have addressed or could have addressed the reviewer’s comments and concerns.

An Editorial decision will be made and communicated to authors within only few days. If accepted, the article will be published within 7 days after acceptance.

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