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International Journal of Molecular Sciences Events

21–26 July 2019 The Helicase and Nucleic-Acid based Machine Conference

Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

This meeting brings together a diverse group of academic and industry researchers who are focused on the functions and roles of helicases and helicase-like motors. The meeting includes a strong contingent of structural and mechanistic biochemists who aim to elucidate molecular mechanisms of helicases. Diverse groups of researchers who study cellular processes and critical human diseases in which helicase proteins perform critical roles also attend.

The central themes of the meeting are: 1) Extend our understanding of the molecular structures, mechanisms, and functions of helicase proteins; 2) Explore how helicases and helicase-like motors are integrated into complex machines and pathways to perform key roles in fundamental cellular processes; 3) Develop our understanding of how deficiencies in the functions of helicase proteins cause or contribute to important human diseases.


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