22–25 September 2020, Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade, Serbia
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry 100th Anniversary Congress

Building on the 100-year old experience, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry organizes an international Congress which will provide updated scientific, decision-making and policy-relevant information across a broad array of different forestry, landscape architecture and horticulture, wood science and technology, and ecological engineering in soil and water protection issues and related scientific disciplines. The emphasis will be on state-of-the-art research, which is now telling us about the present and future change within these topics and its implications for policy- and decision-making. Organized to include plenary and breakout sessions covering both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, results from the various sessions will be used in shaping future science priorities and strategies across the Faculty of Forestry activities.
The Congress is organized in four Conferences with following topics:

1. Forestry
• Silviculture
• Diversity, conservation and forest establishment – wood anatomy, genetics, ecophysiology and the production aspect
• Forest operations engineering
• Forest assessment, modelling and management
• Forest health
• Forest environment
• Bioeconomy, policy and governance in forestry and nature conservation

2. Forest-based industries: innovations and challenges in wood science and technology
• Anatomy and properties of wood
• Wood drying and heat treatments
• Wood- based products manufacturing and technology
• Wood- based materials
• Furniture design and construction
• Wood preservation, modification, gluing and coating
• Wood chemistry and nanotechnology
• Production management and quality assurance
• Forest products marketing and international timber trade
• Wood based industry bioeconomy and polices

3. Toward new trends in landscape architecture and horticulture
• Research in landscape architecture and horticulture
Plant material; Invasive organisms and global climate change; Biodiversity and ecosystem services; Landscape and urban horticulture – challenges and opportunities; Landscape management and nature protection, etc.
• Landscape engineering
Green cities and urban ecology; Green infrastructure; Benefits of urban green spaces; Urban trees and arboriculture; Lawns and ground covers; Establishment and maintenance of urban green spaces; Landscape and garden management; Green roofs, green facades and green walls; Ecological engineering in landscape architecture; Urban soils; Soils remediation in landscape architecture; Nature conservation; Sport and recreation; Professional practice, etc.
• Challenges in landscape architecture
Planning and design History; Theory and methodology; Social and cultural processes and issues; Landscape Ecology; Aesthetics; Landscape Ethics; Challenges of the European Landscape Convention; Landscape planning and Geodesign; Open urban spaces; Green infrastructure planning and climate change; Landscape urbanism; Innovative public space design and Quality of places; Biodesign
• Education and best management practice

4. Ecological engineering in soil and water resources protection
• Soil degradation – issues and conservation
Land degradation processes and mechanisms; Soil erosion (mechanisms/processes, modeling and mapping); Sediment transport and the sedimentation processes; Soil pollution and remediation; Ecological restoration and global climate change; The role of geologic evolution in the development of erosion processes
• Water resources conservation and management
Torrential floods (genesis, impacts, risks); Torrent control; Sustainable land management; Geoenvironment and groundwater in forestry, spatial planning, and natural disasters • Socio-economic, legal and institutional aspects of soil and water conservation; Social and economic aspects of soil and water conservation; Legal and institutional aspects of soil and water conservation; Education in soil and water conservation

For more information on the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry 100th Anniversary Congress, please visit the congress website ( or contact us by email ().
We are looking forward to welcome you in Belgrade, September 22-25, 2020.

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