7–11 June 2020, Bled, Slovenia
51st Scientific Conference of International Research Group on Wood Protection

We are pleased to announce:

51st Scientific Conference of International Research Group on Wood Protection, commonly known as the IRG, will be held at the Rikli Balance Hotel in Bled, Slovenia. 7-11 June 2020. This conference is reaching out beyond on a regular basis, and beyond our historical scope of wood preservation. Yound scientists in particular are encouraged to participate.

Below are the objectives of each of the Sections.

Section 1: Biology
Research on natural durability and all aspects of biodegradation that affect wood performance. This includes the ecology and physiology of decay, mould and sapstain fungi, marine borers, termites... WP's: Soft rot, bacteria, bluestainand moulds/ Basidiomycetes / Insect biology and testing / Natural durability / Marine / Cultural Artefact Protection

Section 2: Test Methodology and Assessment
Study of test methods and analytical methods relating to physical, chemical and biological means of protecting wood from biodeteriorationand weathering. Special emphasis is given to service life prediction of wood applied in different commodities. WP's: Prediction of service life / Microbial test methodology / Chemical/ physical analysis / International Standardisation

Section 3: Wood Protecting Chemicals
Research to improve the understanding of the interactions of chemical wood protection systems, both existing and under development with particular emphasis on performance evaluation against fungi, bacteria and insects. WP's: Inorganic pres. / Organic pres. / Performance -lab & field tests / Fire retardants

Section 4: Processes and Properties
Research into processes for the preservative treatment and/or the modification of wood and wood composites and their resultant properties, remedial and repair treatments, and techniques for applying chemicals. WP's: Chemical wood modification / Wood composites, WPCs and Engineered wood products / Treating processes & treatability of timber / Coatings, hydrophobic treatments and surface aspects / Thermal wood modification / Fire protection

Section 5: Sustainability and Environment
Research into all aspects of the sustainability and of wider environmental matters of wood protection. A strong focus on improving the life cycle credentials of wood in use. WP's: Environment / Sustainability

If you would like more information on the IRG51 Conference, please visit the conference website ( or contact us by email ().

Let‘s meet at the "51st Scientific Conference of International Research Group on Wood Protection", in Bled, Slovenia on June 7 – 11, 2020.

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