3–6 May 2020, Hotel Patria, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia
The 9th International Scientific Conference Wood & Fire Safety 2020 (WFS 2020)

The traditional meeting of experts in the field of fire protection, who prefer wood and wood-based materials, is held at regular four year intervals. Beginning of these meetings dates back to the year 1988.

All the conferences are held at the traditional location, the hotel Patria in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia ( Since that first meeting up to the latest in the year 2016, the Conference attended more than 750 participants, of which 224 were foreign. The regular participants of the Conference are delegates from the European countries but also from the non - European countries, mainly from Canada, U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Japan, in recent years, also from China.

The aim of the WFS 2020 conference is to bring new knowledge of this multidisciplinary field.

Conference topics:

• the combustion of solid materials
• modelling, measuring, testing of flammability
• structure and properties of wood and their changes at high temperatures
• the study of stages of the wood burning process
• flame-retardant treatment of wood and wood-based materials
• fire safety in wooden buildings
• fire-fighting in wooden buildings
• forest fires
• fire-fighting in a historical building, and others.

If you would like more information on the WFS 2020 Conference, please visit the conference website ( or contact us by email ().

Let‘s meet at the 9th international conference “Wood & Fire Safety”, in the hotel Patria, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia on May 3 – 6, 2020.

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