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6–7 September 2018 2018 EMCC-III: Econometric Models of Climate Change Conference

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy

The third conference on econometric models of climate change will take place at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” on September 6th – 7th 2018.

The Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, together with CREATES at Aarhus University, and Climate Econometrics at the University of Oxford, are hosting the 3rd Conference on “Econometric Models of Climate Change” at Villa Mondragone (video), Via Frascati 51, 00040 Monteporzio Catone, Italy.

The conference aims at promoting an interdisciplinary approach to the detection and attribution of climate change, cross-fertilization between climate science and econometrics, and econometric estimates of climate impacts and policy evaluation.

4–5 September 2017 2017 Conference on Climate Econometrics

Nuffield College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Climate econometrics has emerged as a field tackling climate problems using econometric methods: from analyzing observational climate data and results from climate models using econometric methods, to empirically estimating the impacts of climate variables onto socio-economic outcomes.

Econometric interest in climate change and its complex data environment has grown to the point that it can be considered a developing field within econometrics.

The Climate Econometrics programme at the University of Oxford, together with Aarhus University and CREATES, are hosting a conference on the econometrics of climate change at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, on September 4-5, 2017.

13–15 June 2016 10th Annual Conference of the Spatial Econometrics Association

Rome, Italy

The Spatial Econometrics Association was created in 2006 by the seven co-founders Anselin, Arbia, Baltagi, Keleijan Robinson, Paelinck, and Prucha, and currently counts more than 100 members in the five continents. The past Annual Meetings were hosted in prestigious venues, such as Rome, Cambridge, New York, Barcelona, Chicago, Toulouse, Salvador de Bahia, Washington DC, Zürich, and Miami, attracting an average of about 80 papers a year. From 13–15 June, 2016, in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Association, the conference will be held again in Rome. The focus of the 2016 SEA World Conference in Rome will be on methodological themes, such as discrete choice spatial modeling, spatial panel data, spatial concentration, spatial models of duration, explanatory spatial data analysis, spatial Heteroskedastic models, Bayesian methods, big spatial data and spatial data mining, spatial microeconometric methods, and spatial and social network effects. It will also plan to attract empirical contributions related to topics such as Economic Growth, Knowledge Diffusion, Labor Market and Migration, Health, Criminology, Environmental Economics and Energy and House market. Papers containing original empirical applications (but not mere case studies that make use of existing methods) will also be considered.

14–16 April 2016 4th International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance (ISCEF)

Paris, France

The fourth International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance is designed to enable academics and professionals to come together to discuss their latest research findings, with a focus on the main outcomes of the global economic crisis and the current issues challenging banking and finance during these turbulent times.

26–30 August 2013 28th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association 67th European Meeting of the Econometric Society

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg is delighted to be hosting the 28th annual congress of the European Economic Association and the 67th European meeting of the Econometric Society.
University of Gothenburg is one of the major universities in Northern Europe with 38,000 students and prominent research within several fields. The Department of Economics is one of the largest in Sweden and is committed to high quality research in leading journals. Our main fields of research during recent years have been development economics, behavioural economics, and environmental economics.

14–16 March 2013 3rd Humboldt–Copenhagen Conference on Financial Econometrics

Berlin, Germany

The “3rd Humboldt–Copenhagen Conference on Financial Econometrics” will take place on March 14-16 2013 in Berlin. This is the third conference in a series organized by the Center of Applied Statistics and Economics (C.A.S.E.) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Department of Economics of University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with CREATES, Aarhus University. The series was successfully launched in 2009 with meetings to be held every two years alternating between Berlin and Copenhagen. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading experts and practitioners in financial econometrics, statistics, quantitative economics as well as applied financial mathematics.
The conference aims at presenting and discussing recent topics in financial econometrics such as (but not exclusive):

- Estimation and prediction of volatility and correlation

- Asset pricing and valuation

- Estimation of default risk

- High-frequency finance and market microstructure analysis

- Systemic risk and contagion

- Estimation and prediction of liquidity

- Term structure modelling

- Financial time series analysis

16–18 February 2013 2013 Asia-Pacific Meeting of the Economic Science Association (ESA)

Tokyo, Japan

We are pleased to announce the 2013 Asia-Pacific Meeting of Economic Science Association (ESA) at Tokyo in February 2013. The conference will be held at National Institute of Informatics in the heart of Tokyo from 16th to 18th February .
We welcome submissions of research using experimental methods to learn about economic behavior. Submissions related to economic experiments are welcome by scholars in economics, psychology, neuroscience, and other disciplines.

30–31 January 2013 ICSEM 2013 : International Conference on Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The XXXIV. International Conference on Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

16–18 January 2013 The Fifth Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (ICEEE-5th)

Genova, Italy

SIdE is pleased to announce the Fifth Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (ICEEE-5th), which will take place January 16-18, 2013, in Genova, Italy, Università di Genova, Facoltà di Economia, via Francesco Vivaldi 5.
Economists, statisticians and econometricians are invited to submit theoretical and applied papers in all areas of econometrics and empirical economics for presentation at the Congress.

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