5 July 2024
Current Oncology | Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month

July is Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month, which is an important campaign dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of these unique and challenging diseases. Sarcomas are a rare group of cancers that originate in the bones or soft tissues of the body. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of the researchers who have contributed to this field. In particular, we would like to share some of the innovative research findings and high-quality Special Issues in the related fields, published in Current Oncology (ISSN: 1718-7729). We hope this announcement will provide useful information for this field.

“Treating Multiple Myeloma in the Context of the Bone Marrow Microenvironment”
by Matthew Ho, Alexander Xiao, Dongni Yi, Saurabh Zanwar and Giada Bianchi
Curr. Oncol. 2022, 29(11), 8975-9005;
Available online:

“Minimally Invasive Interventional Procedures for Metastatic Bone Disease: A Comprehensive Review”
by Nicolas Papalexis, Anna Parmeggiani, Giuliano Peta, Paolo Spinnato, Marco Miceli and Giancarlo Facchini
Curr. Oncol. 2022, 29(6), 4155-4177;
Available online:

“Safety and Feasibility of Steerable Radiofrequency Ablation in Combination with Cementoplasty for the Treatment of Large Extraspinal Bone Metastases”
by Claudio Pusceddu, Davide De Francesco, Nicola Ballicu, Domiziana Santucci, Salvatore Marsico, Massimo Venturini, Davide Fior, Lorenzo Paolo Moramarco and Eliodoro Faiella
Curr. Oncol. 2022, 29(8), 5891-5900;
Available online:

“Updates in Pathology for Retroperitoneal Soft Tissue Sarcoma”
by Tanner Mack and Bibianna Purgina
Curr. Oncol. 2022, 29(9), 6400-6418;
Available online:

“Staging Systems and Nomograms for Soft Tissue Sarcoma”
by Maria Danieli and Alessandro Gronchi
Curr. Oncol. 2023, 30(4), 3648-3671;
Available online:

“Surgical Management of Retroperitoneal Sarcoma”
by Dana A. Dominguez, Sagus Sampath, Mark Agulnik, Yu Liang, Bao Nguyen, Vijay Trisal, Laleh G. Melstrom, Aaron G. Lewis, Isaac Benjamin Paz, Randall F. Roberts et al.
Curr. Oncol. 2023, 30(5), 4618-4631;
Available online:

The list of relevant Special Issues is as follows:

“Treatment of Bone Metastasis”
Guest Editor: Dr. Costantino Errani
Available online:

“Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors: Clinical Features, Imaging and Treatment”
Guest Editors: Dr. Andrea Sambri, Dr. Michele Fiore and Dr. Massimiliano De Paolis
Available online:

“What’s New in Musculoskeletal Oncology?”
Guest Editors: Dr. Andreas F. Mavrogenis, Dr. Costantino Errani and Dr. Shinji Tsukamoto
Available online:

You are welcome to submit relevant papers to the Current Oncology journal. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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