Coatings 2019 Best Paper Awards

Winner announcement date (expired): 31 December 2020
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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 5 winners of the Coatings Best Paper Award 2019, sponsored by MDPI and Coatings.

Nominations were selected from the papers published in 2018 by the Editorial Office of Coatings. The selection committee is chaired by the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Alessandro Lavacchi. We hope this award will encourage the publication of other high-quality papers in the journal in the future.

Original Research Article Award:

Cavitation Erosion Resistance and Wear Mechanism Model of Flame-Sprayed Al2O3-40%TiO2/NiMoAl Cermet Coatings
Mirosław Szala and Tadeusz Hejwowski
Coatings 2018, 8(7), 254; doi:10.3390/coatings8070254
Available Online:

Combination of Electrodeposition and Transfer Processes for Flexible Thin-Film Thermoelectric Generators
Hiroki Yamamuro, Naoki Hatsuta, Makoto Wachi, Yoshihiro Takei and Masayuki Takashiri
Coatings 2018, 8(1), 22; doi:10.3390/coatings8010022
Available Online:

Damping Oriented Design of Thin-Walled Mechanical Components by Means of Multi-Layer Coating Technology
Giuseppe Catania and Matteo Strozzi
Coatings 2018, 8(2), 73; doi:10.3390/coatings8020073
Available Online:

Review Paper Award:

Porous Zinc Oxide Thin Films: Synthesis Approaches and Applications
Marco Laurenti and Valentina Cauda
Coatings 2018, 8(2), 67; doi:10.3390/coatings8020067
Available Online:

Sputtering PVD Coatings: A Critical Review on Technique Progress and Market Demand
Andresa Baptista, Francisco Silva, Jacobo Porteiro, José Míguez and Gustavo Pinto
Coatings 2018, 8(11), 402; doi:10.3390/coatings8110402
Available Online:

On behalf of the Prize Awarding Committee and the Editorial Board, we would like to congratulate the authors of the above manuscripts and thank Dr. Alessandro Lavacchi for his excellent work in the hard task of selecting a winner from such a large number of excellent candidate profiles. As a reward, each winning group can publish a paper free of charge in Coatings, after the normal peer-review procedure. We are very proud to publish high-quality papers; we will continue to hold the Best Paper Award 2020 and wish all scholars greater success in their careers.

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to the journal and we are looking forward to further collaborating with you.

Coatings Editorial Office


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