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23–28 June 2019 Genetic, Molecular and Physical Views of Genomes and Their Organizational Principles

Jordan Hotel at Sunday River, 27 Grand Circle, Newry, ME, US

The information in chromosomes - nucleic acid sequences of long chromosomal DNAs - controls the lives of all organisms. Far from being inert genetic data storage elements, chromosomes are increasingly being seen as highly dynamic organelles involved in a wide range of cellular functions. Chromosome biology is an interdisciplinary field studied by a large and diverse set of scientists using a broad set of experimental methods, with just the past few years having seen remarkable steps forward in our molecular understanding of how chromosomes are organized by the cell. This GRC aims to bring together the leaders of this field to share their cutting-edge results and to work together to further develop interdisciplinary approaches that and seed further advances in the understanding of chromosome structure and dynamics.


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