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23–26 October 2017 The 7th international conference on CARBON FOR ENERGY STORAGE AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION (CESEP'17)

Lyon, France

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the International Advisory Committee it is a great pleasure to invite you to participate at the international conference on CARBON FOR ENERGY STORAGE AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION (CESEP’17) that will be held from October 22nd to 26th 2017 in Lyon (France). This conference will be organized by the Society of French Carbon Studies (SFEC) at the University of Lyon.

CESEP'17 will be the seventh international conference on CARBON FOR ENERGY STORAGE AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION, originally initiated by the French Carbon Group. The Conference will be devoted to synthesis, functionalization and application of new types of carbon and graphite forms, such as graphene, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nanofibers and composites. Such materials have already found many applications in environmental protection, water purification and remediation, gas separation and storage, solar energy conversion and use, green chemistry process, the power industry, electronics, biotechnologies and medicine, e.g., as adsorbents, sensors, catalyst supports, electrodes in energy sources (supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells), heat storage devices, implants etc. CESEP’17 conference emphasis is not only placed on fundamental research but also on new areas of application.


11–15 December 2017 HeteroNanoCarb 2017

Benasque (Aragon), Spain

Significant advances have been recently made in the science of nano-carbon materials (nanotubes, graphene, nanodiamonds, fullerenes, nanoporous, cyclic nanotube rings (CPPs) and ribbons …). These developments do not only pertain to fundamental/basic studies but have also yielded tremendous progress in the development of technological applications. Following the steady growth and maturity of the field of nano-carbon research, which now includes significant industrial contributions, it becomes increasingly important for these communities to assemble and focus on scientific challenges.

The presence of dopants and surface modification in the otherwise pure carbon materials opens the possibility of tuning their properties (electronic, optoelectronic…) and in some cases in a controlled way. In addition, other layered inorganic materials, such as boron nitride, WS2, MoS2… are becoming increasingly important, due to properties absent in their pure carbon counterparts. This field of research is very dynamic and involves multidisciplinary areas ranging from chemistry, physics, materials science, and other prominent ones as biology and medicine due to the functional aspects of these nanomaterials. Thus, the impact of this field covers a significant number of potential applications as improved (bio)sensors, interconnectors (electronic), optoelectronic devices.

Following the success of the first two editions organized in 2013 and 2015 (HeteroNanoCarb13, HeteroNanoCarb15, http://heteronanocarb.org/), HeteroNanoCarb17 will provide a unique forum for researchers, scientists, and engineers from different countries worldwide who are actively involved in the research on issues to disseminate their latest research results and development achievements. In addition to the exciting scientific and technological themes, the conference offers a platform to promote and encourage interaction among researchers for collaboration. To allow researchers from various stages of their career to take advantage of this event, the technical program will consist of a combination of invited, contributed oral, and poster presentations.


4–8 February 2018 Advanced Materials World Congress 2018 (AMWC 2018)


Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC) is a famous biennial international conference in the field of Advanced Materials organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials with the collaboration of VBRI Press during 4 - 8 February 2018, Singapore.

The goal of AMWC 2018 is to provide a global platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry to present their research results and activities in the field of fundamental and interdisciplinary research of materials science and technology. The congress brings together the professors, researchers, scientists, business giants, and technocrats to offer an international platform for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development and discover advances in the field of advanced materials and related interdisciplinary topics.

Look forward to welcome you on board.


15–16 March 2018 6th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers

Cologne (Germany)

Leading players will showcase enhanced and new applications using CO2 as feedstock. The usage of carbon dioxide, among experts referred to as Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU), is gaining momentum. First commercial production of CO2-based polymers has been launched, several additional technologies have progressed so far to allow production on an industrial scale in near future – with advanced biotechnology and chemical catalysis. Renewable energy and CCU will reshape the energy system of the future and the chemical industry, too. More than 200 experts are expected at the leading international conference.


13–16 May 2018 20th annual Nanotech 2018 Conference & Expo (NANOTECH 2018)

Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA

Meet Us at The 20th annual Nanotech 2018 Conference & Expo (NANOTECH 2018) (Booth # 319), Anaheim, CA, USA, 13–16 May 2018

We will be attending The 20th annual Nanotech 2018 Conference & Expo (NANOTECH 2018), co-located with the TechConnect World Innovation Conference, Defense TechConnect Summit and Spring SBIR/STTR Conference. The event will attract more than 350 featured exhibitors and an expected crowd of more than 4000 attendees, including business executives, venture capitalists, politicians, s cientists and researchers from over 70 countries. Nanotech contains 38 symposiums and brings together specialists from a wide range of scientific fields, technology and business.

Representatives of the following open access journals will attend:

Journal of Functional Biomaterials
Journal of Imaging
Applied Sciences
Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing

If you will also attend this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth (Booth # 319). Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit:


12–17 July 2015 Carbon 2015

Dresden, Germany

Carbon 2015 provides the platform for researchers to present recent results, for discussions and the exchange of information from the various fields of Carbon.


8–10 December 2015 CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber 2015

Knoxville, TN, USA

CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber 2015 conference will provide an objective, comprehensive forum to discuss new developments for carbon fibers in emerging industrial markets, such as wind energy, marine, and construction, as well as in traditional markets, such as aerospace and sporting goods.


4 February 2016 Building New Bridges for Low Carbon Energy

Swansea, UK

Building New Bridges for Low Carbon Energy is a one-day symposium designed to establish new collaborative links among chemists, biologists, materials scientists, engineers and key stakeholders in Wales and beyond to address the challenges associated with the development and implementation of materials, technologies and processes for CO2 Capture and Utilisation, and Advanced Biofuels Production.


2–3 March 2016 Argus Emissions Markets 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Join us at the 2016 conference to:

• Analyse the outcome of COP 21 in Paris, what does the roadmap look like for the next 5,10 and 20 years? 
• Hear the most recent updates from China, US, South Korea and New Zealand – the growth and diversification of the markets
• Evaluate the evolution of EU ETS- with the introduction of MSR, is it fit for the future and what are implications for the industry and traders
• Assess the changing patterns – dilution of industrial surpluses and changing risk management and hedging strategies 
• Carbon leakage – is there a clear plan and how will it encourage industrial innovation?
• Determine how the global developments are affecting the European market
• Aviation – a potential market-based mechanism and its effectiveness


5–9 June 2016 International Conference "Smart and Multifunctional Materials, Structures and Systems"

Perugia, Italy

The 5th International Conference "Smart and Multifunctional Materials, Structures and Systems" (sixteen Symposia) will cover most promising selected areas of smart and multifunctional materials R&D, from the molecular nanoscales to large complex integrated systems. Updated progress in materials science and in the widespread use of nanotechnologies will be covered that coupled with the exponential growth of computing capability and the availability of reliable multiscale modeling, promote a deeper understanding and better exploitation of the convergences among materials, electronics and biological systems.


7–13 August 2016 NT16-International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and low-dimensional materials

Vienna, Austria

The Nanotube (NT) conference series counts amongst the foremost scientific meetings in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Its aim is to disseminate the latest advances in both the science and the technology of carbon nanotubes, and related materials such as graphene and other 2D materials.


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