16–20 February 2020, Nassau, Bahamas
4th DNA Repair/Replication Structures and Cancer

Chaired by John Tainer (MD Anderson Cancer Centre), Tom Blundell (University of Cambridge) and Xiaodong Zhang (Imperial College London)

The conference will focus on structural and mechanistic insights into dynamic protein, chromatin, DNA and RNA complexes acting in DNA repair and its interface with DNA replication and transcription events relevant to cancer. Informative talks and poster sessions along with vibrant discussions will foster productive interactions and collaborations.

Key Sessions

  • Repair and replication complexes, structures and mechanisms
  • RNA damage responses and actions in repair
  • Mutational signatures, DNA repair, and cancer
  • Intertwined interactions in transcription-replication-repair
  • DNA damage signaling, pathway selection & cross-talk
  • Targeting synthetic lethality and essentiality for damage responses
  • Chromatin structures and dynamics in repair and cancer
  • Epigenetics, DNA damage and repair
  • PARP, PARG, and metabolic signaling
  • Mitochondrial replication/repair and damage signaling
  • DNA repair, apoptosis and cancer

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