28–31 March 2021, Warsaw, Poland
Europt(r)ode XV – Conference on Optical, Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

The Europt(r)ode is a biannual conference. Usually, the conference attracts 250–300 participants from academia, research institutes and industry from all over the world. EUROPT(R)ODE XV covers all aspects of optical chemical sensors and biosensors.

This is an extremely interdisciplinary event. Participants include: chemists, biochemists, biologists, medical doctors, physicists, electronic and optoelectronic engineers, and many others. The thematic scope of the conference includes optical and optoelectronic sensors for applications in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, environmental protection, food analysis, and many others. There is no similar event that would present such an extensive thematic offer, and thus give a complete overview of all current trends and applications of optical chemical and biochemical sensors. Conference participants are not only European scientists, but also from the USA, Japan, China and Brazil.

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