20 December 2019
Professor Jackie Wilce Receiving 2019 Biomedicines Investigator Lectureship

In collaboration with Pacifichem 2020, we are delighted to announce Associate Professor Jackie Wilce, from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, as the recipient of the Biomedicines Investigator Lectureship 2019. She will give a speech at the symposium “Advancing Frontiers in Peptide and Protein Science with Nano-to-Macro Molecular Solutions, New Technologies in Polyamide Synthesis and Applications” to be held in Hawaii in December.

Jackie Wilce’s research focuses on the biophysical analysis of macromolecular interactions that underlie important cellular processes in health and disease. These include protein–oligonucleotide interactions underlying translational control and innate immunity as well as interactions of signalling molecules in cancer. The characterisation of these interactions facilitate the design, synthesis, and testing of inhibitor molecules that have therapeutic potential. The techniques she employs include structural methods, binding studies, cellular assays, and chemical design and synthesis. Her research group at Monash University currently includes two postdoctoral researchers and four postgraduate students, and her research is conducted in collaboration with international, national, and institutional collaborators.

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