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3–6 October 2017 IV International Seminar: Nonlinear Phenomenology Advances

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The IV International Seminar ”Nonlinear Phenomenology Advances: Mathematics XXI Century & Natural Science" including III International Seminar ”Systemic-Operational Modifications of Mathematical Theories” and III International Wokshop ”Scientific & Educational Problems of Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Project” will be organized by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Under the leadership of prominent scientists, during the period of 75 years the scientific schools in the field of natural sciences have been created in USSR to become the national property of our country. Of world renown are the studies of the Russian and Belarusian researchers in Nonlinear Science including such leads of research as nonlinear dynamics, wavelet analysis, number theory and cryptography, neural network modeling, soils nonlinear dynamics and evolution, self-organization and cooperative phenomena, spatiotemporal structures, turbulence, patterns in complex media, high energy physics et all. Ensuring continuity in science and advances of scientific commonwealth of Russian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarusian State University and Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University are the recognized leaders in the field of Nonlinear Science. The fact that important international conferences attracting the scientists from numerous countries have been organized by our University is indicative of its generally recognized contribution to science and education. Presently, the Petersburg Polytechnic University is a large educational, research, innovative, production, and cultural center capable to influence the future of our country in many respects. Geography of the contacts maintained by the University involves all the continents, the majority of the European and numerous other countries. We welcome new contacts to solve a wide range of scientific problems in the field of Nonlinear Science, where the Russian researchers have a considerable forerun.

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