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Weather and climate play a profound role on all human agricultural, economic, and recreational activities. The number of studies and topics involving Earth’s atmosphere and climate have proliferated since the early 20th century. The advent of numerical weather prediction and remote sensing technologies in the mid-20th century stimulated an era of vastly improved short-term weather forecasting, increased lead-time for warning of dangerous weather conditions, and sparked interest in anticipating long-term climate change. Additionally, the trend in scientific studies over the last few decades has been to examine the problems affecting societies in an interdisciplinary way. This, in combination with societies devoting more resources than ever to scientific inquiry, has led to an increased number of journal articles reporting these findings. Here we introduce the section Climatology and Meteorology. This section will be devoted to topics that remain at the heart of weather and climate inquest; including cross-disciplinary studies devoted to basic or applied research. The editorial board will review all manuscripts submitted for publication in this section. Articles deemed outside the scope of the subject matter listed here may be referred to another section of Atmosphere.


• Climatology
• Climate Dynamics
• Climate Change and Variability
• General Circulation and Teleconnections
• Operational Meteorology
• Synoptic and Dynamic Meteorology
• Mesoscale Meteorology
• Weather Analysis and Forecasting
• Numerical Methods
• Physical Meteorology
• Remote Sensing
• Precipitation and Clouds

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