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25–27 September 2018 The Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit 2018 (ESTS'18)

Melbourne, Australia

The Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit 2018 (ESTS'18) brings together the sensing science and technologies communities from around the globe, from the current world-leaders in sensing research and industry applications to the future generations. It is an event not to be missed if you want to keep abreast of the latest advances and foster innovations in sensing developments and their applications.

Wide range of topics

ESTS’16 brings together key researchers from Australia and around the world to share and discuss the latest innovations in sensing technologies development including applications in the areas such as health and medicine, power networks, military, aviation, astronomy, automotive, agriculture, environmental monitoring and natural resources.

The ESTS'18 brings industry, academic and government bodies on 3 Expert panel discussions.

The main topics and subtopics of the summit are

Sensors for Sports, Human Performance, Health and Medical Applications
- Body area networks (e.g. flexible and organic electronics/photonics and wearables & thinkables)
- Bio-chemical sensing (e.g. drug delivery, molecular sensing and diagnosis)
- Optical (e.g. patient monitoring technologies)
- Sport sensor networks
- Biomedical Sensing (Echography, Radiology, MRI, CT, ECG, MEG)

Sensors for Mining, Industrial Processes and Resources
- Optical sensing
- Chemical sensing
- GIS and remote sensing
- Sensors for the power network
- Sensor for automation (e.g. motion control sensors)

Sensors for Food, Agriculture and Environmental Applications
- Physical and chemical sensors
- Weather sensing
- IoT solutions
- Smart phone sensors
- Virtual sensors

Sensors for Smarter Cities, Security and Defence
- Sensor for air quality
- Sensors for green buildings
- Sensor for future lighting
- Water quality sensing
- RADAR & LIDAR technologies
- Sensing for future transportation

Distributed sensors and IoT
- Data analytics methods for sensor data
- Artificial Inteligence enabled sensors
- IoT platforms for sensor Data
- IoT implementations
- Sensor Networks
- Automated systems

New frontiers in sensing
- Theoretical Research
- Sensor Fabrication and Packaging
- Mechanisms, Modelling and Simulation
- Nanomaterials and Composites for Sensors
- Sensor Array and Data Analysis
- Hybrid Sensor Devices
- Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Sensors
- Signal Processing Technologies

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