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10–14 July 2017 1st Summer School on Complex Fluid-Flows in Microfluidics

Porto, Portugal

The course schedule will be updated regularly and at this moment i can be subject of changes. It will be a 5-days course and each day will be fully dedicated to a single unit (6h/day):

1.- Complex Fluids and Rheology in Microfluidics (Monday - 6h)
2.- Fabrication techniques in Microfluidics (Tuesday - 6h)
3.- Fluid-Flow characterization in Microfluidics (Wednesday - 6h)
4.- Numerical Simulations in Microfluidics (Thursday - 6h)
5.- Optimization in Microfluidics (Friday - 6h)

The afternoon sessions will be a sort of hands-on/clinic workshop, that is, selected participants will expose in a 10-minutes presentation their practical problems related to the unit of the day, their problems will be analyzed and they will receive feedback from the professors and the rest of the participants. The submission of an abstract explaining the problem to be presented is therefore encouraged at the moment of the registration.

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