Section: Information and Communications Technology

Communication Theory (Editors: Lars K. Rasmussen, Tobias Oechtering, Mikael Skoglund)
Cybersecurity and Cryptography (Editors: Guomin Yang, Qiong Huang)

Not assigned to a section

Advances in Ubiquitous Computing and Information Science (Editors: Jianhua Ma, Young-Sik Jeong)
Big Data Analytics (Editors: Xiaofeng Chen, Joseph K. Liu)
Future Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (Editors: Marek R. Ogiela, Yang Xiao, James Park)
Selected Papers from MedICT 2015 (Editor: Ahmed El Oualkadi)
Selected Papers from the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015 (Editors: Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Mark Burgin)
Swarm Information Acquisition and Swarm Intelligence in Engineering (Editors: Yudong Zhang, Baozhen Yao)