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Cancer diagnosis & Therapy Congress
2015-09-03 to 2015-09-04
London, UK
MarketsandMarkets Conferences (MnM Conferences) is delighted to announce the inaugural Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy Congress to be held on September 3-4, 2015 London, UK focusing on the theme of “Advancement in Cancer diagnosis, treatment and challenges in organ specific cancer treatment”. The two day program will address key concerns such as cancer Immunotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, metabolomics in cancer tumour assessments & profiling, nanotechnology in cancer therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell Transplantation, surgical oncology, epigenetics, cancer genomics, cancer biomarkers, bio banking, non-invasive cancer diagnostics, organ specific cancers, cancer epidemiology and clinical trial in cancer research. Major segments to be discussed : • Advanced Cancer Detection, Diagnosis Methods and Technologies • Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapy • Emerging Challenges in Organ Specific Cancers Research link

6th BBBB Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences
2015-09-10 to 2015-09-12
Helsinki, Finland
The 2015 BBBB Conference will offer a versatile scientific program, in order to attract scientists from all fields of pharmaceutical sciences. Like its predecessors, the conference will offer opportunities to exchange scientific ideas and create networks between people from academia, industry and regulatory authorities as well as between young and established scientists and professionals. The program consists of lectures from well-known experts in different areas of pharmaceutical science but there is also a special emphasis to give younger researchers an opportunity to present their research in an international environment. link

AGRR 2015
2015-09-10 to 2015-09-12
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Germany
23. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Radiochemie / Radiopharmazie link

Cytokines 2015
2015-10-11 to 2015-10-14
Bamberg, Germany
This Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society provides an outstanding forum for investigators in basic science and clinical research to present their most recent findings on the role of cytokines in infectious diseases, inflammation, cancer, autoimmunity and novel therapeutic interventions. link

1st International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry
2015-11-02 to 2015-11-27

Pharmaceuticals is proud to organize and sponsor the first International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry. Contributions dealing with any discipline promoting research in drug discovery and development will be welcome. It will allow you to present your recent results to the scientific community and to have the opportunity to start fruitful exchanges of information with academic and industrial groups from all over the world. Participation, as an author or a visitor, is free of charge. link

Portuguese Chemical Society: Thinking Organic and Medicinal Chemistry in an inspiring atmosphere
2015-12-01 to 2015-12-03
Porto, Portugal
The Organic and Medicinal Chemistry divisions of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) are honoured to invite you to participate in their joint meeting next December (1st – 3rd) in Porto, Portugal. For the first time under the auspices of SPQ, the competences of these two important fields of Chemistry are brought together into a single event, to highlight complementarities and to promote new synergies. link

RICAI 2015: 35th Interdisciplinary Meeting of Anti-infective Chemotherapy
2015-12-14 to 2015-12-15
Palais des Congrès de Paris, France

Depuis 35 ans, la RICAI est le plus important congrès européen de langue française dans le domaine de la thérapeutique anti-infectieuse globale.
Cette réunion rassemble environ 1500 membres de la communauté de l’infectiologie, tant des chercheurs que des cliniciens et des personnalités appartenant aux structures réglementaires d’enregistrement.
La RICAI poursuit un double objectif :
Chimiothérapie anti-infectieuse : le focus est mis sur le médicament et son action sur le microbe (bactérie, mycose, vibrion ou virus), par opposition à un focus sur la prise en charge du patient par exemple.
Interdisciplinaire : le concept de la réunion est de faire dialoguer les laboratoires et les thérapeutes, les fondamentalistes et les cliniciens
La RICAI alterne chaque année communications libres, conférences plénières, symposia et autres sessions à thèmes, ayant pour but de favoriser rencontres, échanges et informations dans les domaines de la microbiologie clinique, de l'infectiologie et de la chimiothérapie anti-infectieuse.

http://www.ricai.orgexternal link