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Workshop: Electrochemical Deposition for Electronics
The University of Edinburgh, King's Buildings Campus, Edinburgh, UK

Within the Electronics Manufacturing community there has been growing interest in electrochemical deposition, predominantly due to its adoption in a number of advanced technologies including electroless deposition and electroplating of thick metal layers, the electrodeposition of magnetic alloys used in magnetic information storage technologies, as well as the electrodeposition of multilayer films, which have found many applications in the areas of sensors.

The purpose of this networking event is to bring together people from industry and academia to consider the state-of-the-art in electrochemical deposition, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities the field represents. The day will be of interest to those working in CMOS fabrication, electrochemistry, and MEMS/microsystem development, as well as anyone wishing to learn more about next generation processing technologies. link

2nd Conference on MicroFluidic Handling Systems
2014-10-08 to 2014-10-10
Universität Freiburg, Germany

Accurate handling of small and extremely small mass flow rates of both gases and  liquids is of paramount importance, driven by numerous economically important  applications – in semiconductor industry, analytical instrumentation, food, pharmacy,  energy, and micro reaction systems.

The focus of this conference is mainly on the technology, components, devices and systems that enable the application in microfluidic systems. link