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Conference on Spatial Information Theory
2015-10-12 to 2015-10-16
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
COSIT was established in 1993, and aims to bring together scientists from different disciplines for an intensive exchange of research and ideas. The conference is a single-track meeting that focuses on recent, innovative and significant contributions in the domain of spatial information theory. COSIT 2015 will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. link

GSI 2015: Geometric Science of Information
2015-10-28 to 2015-10-30
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris-Saclay, France
As for GSI’13, the objective of this SEE Conference GSI’15, hosted by Ecole Polytechnique, is to bring together pure/applied mathematicians and engineers, with common interest for Geometric tools and their applications for Information analysis.
It emphasizes an active participation of young researchers for deliberating emerging areas of collaborative research on “Information Geometry Manifolds and Their Advanced Applications”. link

Information-Theoretic Methods of Inference
2016-04-01 to 2016-04-02
Clare College, Cambridge, UK

The objective of this Info-Metrics Institute workshop is to study new methods of statistical inference based on information-theoretic methods.

Info-metric and Information-Theoretic ideas are being applied in variety of disciplines, such as biology, ecology, economics, finance and physics (for examples see Fall 2014 conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Institute).

The Spring 2016 workshop focuses on the use of info-metric and information-theoretic ideas in the development and analysis of statistical models. The aims of the workshop are to provide a forum for the dissemination of new research in this area and also to stimulate discussion between researchers across fields. link