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The 2015 Tissue Engineering Congress
2015-09-08 to 2015-09-10
London, United Kingdom
This three day meeting brings together the principles of engineering and life sciences in tissue development and regenerative medicine to discuss scientific research and developments of clinical applications from leading experts in the field. The newest research and developing technology will be discussed in an informal setting with plenty of networking opportunities link

Mouse Molecular Genetics
2015-09-16 to 2015-09-19
Cambridge, United Kingdom
The Mouse Molecular Genetics conference attracts international participation and promotes the presentation of novel, unpublished research findings. This year’s conference will showcase the latest developments in genetics, genomics, engineering of the mouse genome, systems analysis and imaging of dynamic molecular and physiological processes. link

MICROSCON - Swiss International Conference on Industrial Microbiology
2015-10-05 to 2015-10-06
Olten, Switzerland
The “MICROSCON 2015″ marks the continuous exploration of advances and trends in industrial microbiology. The “MICROSCON 2015” offers also a great opportunity to present your work to the scientific community from academia and industry with an interest in state-of-the-art applied and industrial microbiology. Participants are warmly invited to submit poster abstracts to present original research contributions on the industrial application, exploitation, discovery and control of microorganisms. link

PI3K-like protein kinases
2015-11-03 to 2015-11-05
Milan, Italy
This meeting will gather together the leading figures studying different PI3K-related kinases with the aim of forging new connections among these usually separate fields. link

Viruses 2016 - At the Forefront of Virus–Host Interactions
2016-01-26 to 2016-01-28
Pharmacenter, Basel, Switzerland
An international scientific conference sponsored by the journal Viruses under the patronage of the University of Basel. link