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SCS Spring Meeting 2014, Fribourg, Switzerland, 24 April 2014


Molecules Best Paper Award 2014, January 24, 2014 08:13

In 2012 Molecules started to award an annual price to recognize outstanding papers related to synthetic organic chemistry and natural product chemistry that meet the high standards of this journal. We are pleased to announce the third “Molecules Best Paper Award” for 2014. The winners were chosen by the Editor-in-Chief and selected editorial board members from among all the papers published in 2010.

Article Award

1st prize: Marco Felici, Pablo Contreras-Carballada, Jan M. M. Smits, Roeland J. M. Nolte,René M. Williams, Luisa De Cola and Martin C. Feiters
Cationic Heteroleptic Cyclometalated IridiumIII Complexes Containing Phenyl-Triazole and Triazole-Pyridine Clicked Ligands

2nd prize: Ahmad Asadinezhad, Igor Novák, Marián Lehocký, František Bílek, Alenka Vesel, Ita Junkar, Petr Sáha and Anton Popelka
Polysaccharides Coatings on Medical-Grade PVC: A Probe into Surface Characteristics and the Extent of Bacterial Adhesion

3rd prize: Marina Soković, Jasmina Glamočlija, Petar D. Marin, Dejan Brkić and Leo J. L. D. van Griensven
Antibacterial Effects of the Essential Oils of Commonly Consumed Medicinal Herbs Using an In Vitro Model


Review Award

1st prize: Paul M. O’Neill, Victoria E. Barton and Stephen A. Ward
The Molecular Mechanism of Action of Artemisinin—The Debate Continues

2nd prize: Jin Dai and Russell J. Mumper
Plant Phenolics: Extraction, Analysis and Their Antioxidant and Anticancer Properties

For more details, please refer to the Molecules Best Paper Award 2014 Editorial.


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Updated 2012 Impact Factor for Molecules, June 20, 2013 12:06


We are pleased to report an increased Impact Factor for Molecules for 2012. According to the newly released 2012 Journal Citation Reports® Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2013), the new Impact Factor for Molecules is 2.428. The 5-Year Impact Factor is 2.679. Molecules now ranks 23/55 (Q2) in the category 'Chemistry, Organic'. (Note added on 28 October 2013: after an update to the JCR, the title now appears on rank 24/57).

Evolution of the Molecules Impact Factor since 2006:

Evolution of citations to Molecules since 2006: