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4–8 June 2019 Fabrication, Properties and Applications of Nano-Materials and Nano-Devices

Paestum, Salerno, Italy

International Conference Nano-M&D 2019 “Fabrication, Properties and Applications of Nano-Materials and Nano-Devices” Savoy Beach Hotel, Paestum, Italy June 04-08, 2019 Detailed info are available on the conference website: We are pleased to invite you to join the Nano-M&D-2019 International Workshop. This event is organized by the Physics Department (DF) of the University of Salerno (UNISA) and by the International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies "E.R. Caianiello" (IIASS). The aim of the Conference is to bring together experts in the field of fabrication, characterization and application of Nano-Materials and Nano-Devices. Main Topics of the Conference: A) Properties, Fabrication and applications of - A.1. 2D Materials (MoS2, hBN, etc) - A.2. Carbon Materials: Graphene, CNTs, Nanodiamond and Nanowires - A.3. Semiconductors (III-V, Oxides, Organic,…) - A.4. Nanosensors - A.5. Quantum dots - A.6. Nanomagnetics B) Nano-Electronic Devices - B.1. Nanoelectronics (FETs, information storage devices, RF passive devices) - B.2. Sensors - B.3. Spintronics - B.4. MEMS/NEMS - B.5. Energy harvesting and storage - B.6. Nano-Biomedicine and bio-devices C) Chemistry of 2D Materials - C.1. Bottom-up growth - C.2. Synthesis, processing and characterization - C.3. Functionalization - C.4. Synthetic materials - C.5. Design of 3D functional materials - C.6. Composites, foams, coatings, and membranes - C.7. Electro- and Photo-catalysis Important Dates February, 28th 2019 - Abstract Submission deadline March, 05th 2019 - Abstract acceptance March 15th, 2019 - Early Registration deadline April 20th, 2019 - Late Registration deadline June 04th-08th, 2019 - Conference

4–6 September 2019 M2D2019

Bologna, Italy

M2D 2019 is the eighth international gathering of scientists and engineers interested in the fields of mechanics, engineering design, advanced materials, energy harvesting, reliability, quality and safety engineering, and is planned for 4-6 September, 2019 in the historic city of Bologna, Italy. Contributions in the fields of Mechanics, Materials and Design at varied length scales as well as Biomechanics and Experimental and Computational Mechanics applied to Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automotive, Biomedical, Environmental, and Nuclear Engineering are welcome. The goal is to enable engineers, researchers and scientists to exchange ideas on the following and other derivative topics.

11–13 September 2018 The 5th International Conference on Advanced Engineering – Theory and Applications 2018 (AETA 2018)

Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic

The International Conference on Advanced Engineering – Theory and Applications will be held during 11-13 September 2018 in Czech Republic. The conference is organized by VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, co-organized by Ton Duc Thang University, Pukyong National University and Feng Chia University for the purpose of offering a special opportunity for the scientists, researchers, engineers from universities, institutions, manufactures meet together to exchange experiences, disseminate scientific achievements and advanced technologies of Electrical, Electronic-Telecommunication, Computer Science and Mechanical-Mechatronics engineering.

13–17 August 2018 The 16th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB16)

Beijing, China

The 16th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB16), hosted by Tsinghua University, will be held on August 13 to 17, 2018 in Beijing, China. The primary aim of ISMB16 is to promote scientific and technological exchanges among researchers and engineering practitioners around the world. The conference is expected to attract several hundred active researchers and engineers, which provides a highly desired platform for companies to promote their products.

22–26 July 2018 6th International Conference on Integrity-Reliability-Failure (IRF2018)

Lisbon, Portugal

IRF2018 is the sixth international gathering of a prestigious series of conferences coordinated by the International Scientific Committee on Mechanics and Materials in Design. This series of conferences started in 1999 and they are wholly devoted to advances in mechanics, materials, structural integrity and design.

IRF2018 is planned for July 22-26, 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal), and it is sponsored by the University of Porto and the University of Toronto (Canada). The conference will cover the following topics: Computation Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Fracture and Fatigue, Composite and Advanced Materials, Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials, Tribology and Surface Engineering, Impact and Crashworthiness, Mechanical Design and Prototyping, Biomechanical Applications, Civil Engineering Applications and Energy and Thermo-Fluid Systems.

Extended Abstracts for IRF2018 will be accepted until 15th January 2018. Full information about the conference is available from the IRF2018 website at:

9–12 July 2018 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2018)

Auckland, New Zealand

The 2018 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechtronics (AIM 2018) will be held on July 9-12, 2018, in Auckland, New Zealand. The AIM 2018 conference brings to gether an international community of experts to discuss the state-of-the-art, new research results, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications relevant to mechatronics, robotics, control, automation, and related areas.

The sponsors and organisers of AIM 2018 invite a submission of high quality mechatronics research papers describing original work, including the following topics: Actuators, Automotive Systems, Bioengineering, Data Storage Systems, Electronic Packaging, Fault Diagnosis, Human-Machine Interfaces,Industry Applications, Information Technology, Intelligent Systems, MachineVision, Manufacturing, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Micro/Nano Technology,Modeling and Design, System Identification and Adaptive Control, MotionControl, Vibration and Noise Control, Neural and Fuzzy Control, Opto-ElectronicSystems, Optomechatronics, Prototyping, Real-Time and Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, Robotics, Sensors, System Integration, Transportation Systems,Smart Materials and Structures, Energy Harvesting, and other frontier fields.

24 April 2018 1st International Workshop on Fluid-Driven Soft Robots

Livorno, Italy

This workshop aims to be a dialogue about fluid-driven soft robots between researchers involved in fluid-(soft)structure interaction and researchers working on soft actuators. We identified two main topics respectively divided in focused sub-themes: (1) scalability and (2) application domains. Scientists who contributed to the development of novel actuators or to the study of the physics entailed with them will have the chance to take part in a highly focused and application-driven discussion on the challenges and future development of this fascinating and promising field.

11–13 October 2017 The 5th International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation (ICCMA 2017)

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

2017 The 5th International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation will be held in University of Alberta, Canada during October 11-13, 2017.

ICCMA 2013 was held in Sydney, ICCMA 2014 was held in Dubai, ICCMA 2015 and ICCMA 2016 were both held in Barcelona.  The idea of the conference is for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from the Universities all around the world and the industry to present ongoing research activities, and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the Industry. We are looking forward to meeting you in Edmonton.

1 January 2017 The 28th CESA Annual Conference

Cairns, Australia

The Chinese Economics Society Australia (CESA) in conjunction with the College of Business Law and Governance, and the Cairns Institute at James Cook University will jointly organise the CESA’s 28th Annual Conference in Cairns, Australia, 17–19 July 2016.

19–21 July 2015 The 9th Conference of Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS9)

Taipei, Taiwan

AMS9, the 9th Conference of Aseanian Membrane Society, will be held from 19th to 21st July 2015 in Taipei, organized by the R&D Center for Membrane Technology (CMT), Chung Yuan University (CYCU). The venue for AMS9 will be Howard Civil International House, which is located in the heart of downtown Taipei. The key issue of AMS9 will be focused on membrane technology development.

13–15 July 2015 4th International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S)

Basel, Switzerland

13th-15th July 2015
Pharmacenter, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
An international scientific conference sponsored by the journal Sensors under the patronage of the University of Basel.

The 4th edition of the International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S) will be held from 13th to 15th July 2015 in Basel, Switzerland. It will comprise 5 five plenary sessions and one afternoon with three parallel sessions to cover the most exciting aspects and the latest developments of sensor science (see below for a list of topics). A conference dinner will take place on the second evening of the conference.

If you are interested in participating in this symposium, in presenting a poster, or in being selected for a short talk, please get in touch with the conference secretariat. More details on the program will be available by the end of November 2014.

The Symposium will be accompanied by the publication of the I3S 2015 Selected Papers Topical Collection. Manuscripts can be submitted at any time after the Symposium. Authors who attended the conference will enjoy a 20% discount on APCs of manuscripts published in this collection.

More details are available from the conference website.

3–7 August 2014 World Automation Congress 2014

Waikoloa Hilton Village, Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

WAC is an international non-profit technical meeting dedicated to the dissemination of latest information among all nations of the world.

23–25 June 2014 Actuator 14

Bremen, Germany

In attracting about 500 participants from more than 30 countries the 14th International Conference on New Actuators is the most important market place to meet leading international specialists, to share their expertise and to start business co-operations in the field of new actuator technologies.

8–9 May 2014 The 9th International Conference on Electrical and Control Technologies

Kaunas, Lithuania

This conference is the continuation of series of annual conferences on electrical, power engineering, electrical drives and control technologies held earlier in Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and from 1990 in Kaunas University of Technology. The aim of the Conference is to create the forum for presentations and discussions to consider the newest research and application results of investigations on electrical and power engineering, electric drives, power converters, automation and control technologies.

20–24 January 2013 IEEE 2013, 26th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Taipei, Taiwan

The 26th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS 2013) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on January 20 – 24, 2013 at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC). IEEE MEMS is one of the premier annual events reporting research results on every aspect of microsystems technology. This conference reflects the rapid proliferation of the commitment and success of the microsystems research community. Recently, the IEEE MEMS Conference has attracted more than 700 participants, 950+ abstract submissions and has created a forum to present over 300 peer-reviewed, top-quality papers in podium and poster/oral sessions.
The major areas of activity in the development of MEMS solicited and expected at this conference include but are not limited to:

  • Fabrication Technologies
  • Packaging Technologies
  • Materials and Device Characterization
  • Mechanical Sensors and Systems
  • Physical MEMS
  • Bio & Chemical Micro Sensors & Systems
  • Medical Microsystems
  • Micro-Fluidic Components and Systems
  • Micro-Actuators
  • Energy Harvesting and Power MEMS
  • Nano-Electro-Mechanical Devices and Systems

6–8 November 2012 SMMA Fall Technical Conference

St. Louis, MO, USA

SMMA - The Motor & Motion Association is the manufacturing trade association for the electric motor and motion control industries. More than 120 member companies include manufacturers, suppliers, users, consultants and universities.

Markets served, both consumer and commercial, include appliance, transportation, medical equipment, office automation and computers, aerospace and industrial automation.

18–20 September 2012 SAE 2012 Powertrains, Fuels, & Lubricants Meeting

Malmo, Sweden

Stay connected with the future of powertrain, fuels and lubricants technology as you network with peers, discuss new and emerging technologies, and meet recognized technology experts at this year's Powertrains, Fuels, and Lubricants Meeting in Malmo, Sweden.
Participants at this year's event will hear about and discuss the latest developments in technologies including (but not limited to):

  • Combustion optimization - pressure boosting/turbocharging, low-temperature combustion (including HCCI), cylinder deactivation, waste heat recovery, and more
  • Hybrid Powertrains - fuel cell vehicle applications, advanced battery technologies, electric motors, and emerging hybrid technologies
  • Engine Downsizing - achieving higher specific engine loads with minimum displacement, fully variable valve trains, variable compression ratio, etc.
  • Engine control - on-board diagnostics, engine/vehicle control, calibration, etc.
  • Fuels and Fuel Efficiency - gasoline, diesel, biofuels and alternative fuels, additives, and natural gas and hydrogen IC engines
  • Lubricants - engine oils, heavy duty diesel lubricants, transmission and axle lubricants, and lubricant R&D to improve vehicle performance.
  • Advanced Fuel delivery - high pressure and multiple injections, spray technology, etc.
  • Emissions reduction - regulated and non-regulated, measurement, modeling, aftertreatment, etc.
In addition to a comprehensive range of technical sessions, the program will also feature keynote presentations, panel discussions on current topics, networking opportunities, and much more.

19–20 June 2012 International VDI Congress on Drivetrains for Vehicles

Friedrichshafen, Germany

With more than 900 participants the VDI congress „Drivetrains in Vehicles“ represents one of the most important sector meetings in Europe for transmission experts.

More than 80 international special lectures will boost your current transmission knowledge und will give you the opportunity to get involved in lively discussions and expert talks!

18–20 June 2012 ACTUATOR 2012, 13th International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuators and Drive Systems

Bremen, Germany

For the 13th time since 1988, from 18 to 20 June 2012 the Bremen Fair and Congress Center will become the Mecca of the actuator community. Around 500 participants from all over the world, about half of them from industry, will be coming together for ACTUATOR 2012, 7th International Conference on New Actuators, which will be accompanied by a highly specialised exhibition with international participation. Ever smaller drive systems are based on new technologies that have nothing in common with conventional electric motors. Examples include mass-produced products such as piezo actuators for fuel injection systems and new drives for autofocus cameras, together with low-volume production items such as grippers for micro-assembly. Micro-actuator technology is becoming increasingly multi-faceted, making it more difficult to keep an overview of the market. Alongside piezo actuators, the industrial sector is also witnessing the emergence of electro- and magnetorheological fluids, shape-memory actuators and electro-active polymers. Furthermore, the field of adaptronics is also going through a phase of rapid development.

7–9 June 2012 PTDA Canadian Conference

Victoria, Canada

Conference Highlights:

  • Industry Showcase
  • Money Talks Host Michael Campbell on the Canadian Economic Outlook & Thriving in a Tough Environment
  • Ryan Berlin of Urban Futures on Managing Change to Your Advantage: Demographics, Economics & Our Future
  • Quirks & Quarks Host Bob McDonald on the Impact of Clean Energy on Your Business
  • Market Briefings from Representatives of Major End-User Canadian Markets

23–24 May 2012 Electric Machines Technology Symposium (EMTS) 2012

Philadelphia, PA, USA

The Electric Machines Technology Symposium (EMTS) is a biennial conference hosted by the Delaware Valley section of the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE).  It provides the naval engineering community with technical presentations, expert panels and networking opportunities to keep abreast of the Navy’s progress and remaining challenges in developing and providing smaller simpler more affordable and more capable power systems for future Navy ships.

Topics to be discussed at EMTS 2012 are:

  • Open Architecture/ Systems Engineering
  • Affordability/ Ship Integration
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Design & Manufacturing/ Test & Evaluation
  • Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics
  • Power Generation
  • Load Control Interfaces/ Pulse Power Support
  • Propulsion Motors
  • Power Conversion/ Energy Storage
  • Power Distribution – Switchgear, Cables, Load Control Interface, and Controllable Bus Transfer
  • Advanced Machine Topologies & Actuators
  • Thermal & Materials Issues
  • System Interfaces with Weapon & Sensor Systems

8–10 May 2012 Mfg4, SME Conference

Hartford, CT, USA

GE Energy, Medtronic, Boeing, Raytheon, Sikorsky and other world-class manufacturing leaders know the best source of innovations and solutions may be outside their industries. That’s why they—in partnership with a dozen additional industry innovators—are developing this unprecedented event with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Mfg4 presents eye-opening solutions for buyers and sellers across aerospace, defense, medical and energy manufacturing. Attend Mfg4 to collaborate, learn from your peers and discover what you’ve been missing.

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