Surface Water Quality Modelling

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March 2023
194 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Surface Water Quality Modelling that was published in

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This Special Issue showcases some advanced methodologies used in surface water quality modelling. Its aim is to introduce several topics that are new in the field of surface water quality modelling and help spur new developments in each of the topics. It is intended for a readership consisting of researchers, academicians, consultants and government agency representatives. The editor of this Special Issue wishes to thank all authors, reviewers and academic editors in their contributions, without whom the publishing of this collective work would not have come to pass.

  • Hardback
License and Copyright
© 2022 by the authors; CC BY-NC-ND license
lower Athabasca River; oil sands region; quasi-2D modelling; water-quality analysis simulation program (WASP); water-quality modelling; Poyang Lake Basin; Haihe River Basin; SPARROW; ammonium nitrogen; nutrient transport; CE-QUAL-W2; water quality model; reservoir management; water transfers; DPSIR models; ecosystem state; Lake Malombe; tobit model; WASP8; Ara Waterway; Yamuna River; NDVI; anthropogenic activities; La Buong River; machine learning algorithms; surface water quality; water quality index (WQI); marine environmental capacity (MEC); response factor; water exchange; residual; Sanmen Bay; surface water; vis-NIR spectroscopy; chemical oxygen demand; SMOTE; CARS; PLS–DA; European Union’s Floods Directive; hydro-electric power; ice-jam flood hazard; ice-jam flood risk; space-borne remote sensing; copper; nickel; trace metals; pesticides; WASP; HEC-RAS; n/a

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