Tuula Keinonen


Tuula Keinonen (Ph.D.) is a professor in education (especially research in general education). She has research and teaching experience, both in physics and education, and has doctoral degrees in both fields. Her present research focuses on science and environmental education, and particularly on the effects of Societal Science Issues approaches in science education. She is working with her research group to discover learning environments and pedagogical methods which promote students’ interests in science and science studies, as well as awareness and choices of scientific careers. Tuula Keinonen participated in the EU 7th framework project PROFILES in the field of science education and coordinated an EU-NPP project NEED (Northern Environmental Education Development) in environmental education and Horizon2020 project MultiCO (Promoting Youth Scientific Career Awareness and its Attractiveness through Multi-stakeholder Co-operation). She is currently supervising several doctoral students in her research fields and has published more than 80 scientific articles and teaching material for secondary school chemistry teaching. Currently she is the Head of the School of Applied Educational Sciences and Teacher Education at the University of Eastern Finland.
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