Transitioning to Climate Action
Open Access Edited Book

Transitioning to Climate Action

Expected Date of Publication: May 2023
This book is part of the book series: Transitioning to Sustainability
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Given all insight from climate science, it has become obvious that the only viable path forward is transitioning to an economy that lives off our planet’s regeneration, rather than its liquidation. We now need to start becoming regenerative. Current trends, however, such as still increasing fossil fuel emissions, indicate that humanity is on the slowest, and ultimately most destructive and costliest, path. Barriers to change may include financial interests, inadequate decision-making, or warped incentives. But there are also cognitive obstacles, such as a failure of climate communication to mobilize sufficient enthusiasm to solve the problem. Most communication overemphasizes personal sacrifice, failing to ignite individuals’ and institutions’ desire for change. Much communication, furthermore, has a moralistic undertone, or is, at least, perceived as finger-pointing, hardening the emotional resistance. This messaging is counterproductive: Climate action is not noble, but necessary. Without rapid shifts in perception and public desire for decision-making that embraces our one-planet context, runaway climate change and biodiversity loss are inevitable.


Drawing on a canon of voices from academia, international institutions, governments, businesses, foundations working on climate change, and civil society, Transitioning to Climate Action follows the conviction that we need to stop waiting for others to act first. Thus, given the clarity of the challenge, this volume aims to discuss the possibilities that exist to succeed with the transformation laid out by the Paris Agreement and its climate goals.

Transitioning to Climate Action is part of MDPI's new Open Access book series Transitioning to Sustainability. With this series, MDPI pursues environmentally and socially relevant research, which contributes to efforts toward a sustainable world. Transitioning to Sustainability aims to add to the conversation about regional and global sustainable development according to the 17 SDGs. The book series is intended to reach beyond disciplinary, even academic boundaries.

Open for Submissions

Submission Deadline: 01 Apr 2023

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