MDPI Board of Scientific Officers

Dr. Giulia Stefenelli
Chair of the Board of Scientific Officers

Dr. Giulia Stefenelli holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (2015) from the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (Milano, Italy). She completed her PhD (2019) in Atmospheric Sciences at the ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland) with a focus on atmospheric chemistry and organic aerosol research. She wrote her doctoral thesis on the identification and chemical characterization of major sources of particulate matter in ambient air, including an investigation of major gas phase emissions. She joined MDPI in June 2020 as an Assistant Editor and Scientific Officer for the environmental portfolio of journals. In March 2021, she was appointed as Chair of the Scientific Board with the responsibility of developing a team, in connection with academia, to maintain editorial practices and enhance the portfolio of scientific journals, promoting their growth in line with industry and academic standards.

Dr. Ioana Craciun
Scientific Officer—Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Ioana Craciun joined MDPI in August 2020. She holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida (2010) and a PhD from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics, University of Iowa (2016). Her PhD research focused on the design, synthesis, and evaluation of novel aminoglycoside derivatives for the treatment of chronic inflammatory lung diseases. Following her PhD, she completed a post-doc at the University of Basel focusing on the development of polymer-based systems for biomedical applications. Dr. Ioana Craciun also acts as Scientific Coordinator for Preprints.

Dr. Enric Sayas
Scientific Officer—Life Sciences

Dr. Enric Sayas joined MDPI in September 2016. He obtained his Agronomical Engineering degree, followed by master’s degree in Plant Biotechnology from the Universitat Politècnica de València. He received his PhD in Biotechnology (2013) at the same university, followed by a post-doc at the University of Geneva until 2016. Enric has worked as a Section Managing Editor for Genes and Managing Editor for Biomolecules. In 2018, he was appointed Office Manager of the Barcelona office, and Publishing Manager in 2019; he has been alternating between these two roles ever since.

Dr. Peter Ribar
Scientific Officer—Chemistry (Organic/Bioorganic and Materials Chemistry)

Dr. Peter Ribar joined MDPI in April 2020 as Assistant Editor, Chemical Samples Project Coordinator, and recently as a new team member of the “Editorial process committee”. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry (2011) and a master’s degree in Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry (2013) from the Comenius University in Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia). He completed his PhD (2019) in Chemistry at the University of Basel (Basel, Switzerland) with a focus on design and synthesis of novel polyaromatic hydrocarbons with applications in molecular electronics and spintronics.

Dr. Liliane Auwerter
Scientific Officer—Engineering

Dr. Liliane Auwerter joined MDPI in 2020. She studied Environmental Chemistry/Environmental Process Technology at the Federal University of Technology – Paraná, Brazil, from 2007 to 2011 and obtained her MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering at the University of Surrey, UK, whilst working at Thames Water as a Research Assistant. In 2015, she joined the Fluid Dynamics and Environmental and Water Resource Engineering sections as a PhD student at Imperial College London, and graduated in May 2020. Her research focused on developing self-healing low-friction materials for water transport.

Dr. Yu Lin
Scientific Officer—Materials Science

Dr. Yu Lin graduated with a BSc from Wuhan University of Technology in June 2010, majoring in materials chemistry before working as research assistant in the Experimental Teaching Center of WHUT (2010-2011) while working as a part-time editorial assistant for the MDPI international scientific journal Materials.

Dr. Yu Lin obtained his MSc in advanced energy materials from Wuhan University of Technology (2014). During this period, he worked as part-time R&D technician for WUT New Energy Co., Ltd. In 2018, he graduated with a PhD in Materials physics and chemistry from Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany), after studying for 4 years in the group of Prof. Dr. Werner Lehnert at the Laboratory of High Temperature Fuel Cell - IEK-3, Jülich Research Center (Germany). He is the principal author of 10 publications.

Dr. Jisuk Kang
Scientific Officer—Geosciences

Dr. Kang joined MDPI in April 2020. She holds both a Bachelor degree (2010) in Geology from the Chungnam National University (South Korea) and a master's degree (2014) in Resource Geology from the Seoul National University (South Korea). Her master's research mainly focused on the mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of a sulfide deposit. She completed her PhD (2021) in Isotope Geology from the University of Bern (Switzerland), specializing on Pb isotopic compositions on sulfide minerals to define evidence of multiple hydrothermal fluid systems. She also has experience working as a communication assistant in a company, cruise research in the Central Indian Ocean, and several field research. In addition, she obtained a diploma (2011) in Business (New Zealand).

Dr. Michael O’ Sullivan
Scientific Officer—Organic Chemistry

Dr. Michael O’ Sullivan holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (2016) from University College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland). He completed his Ph.D. (2020) in Chemistry at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK), where he particularly focused on the development of a novel synthetic route towards novel dihydroisoquinolinone scaffolds and their subsequent modification. After joining MDPI in October 2020, as an Assistant Editor for Coatings, he became the Publishing Manager for the same journal in August 2021.

Dr. Colin Wee
Scientific Officer—Social Sciences

Dr. Colin Wee joined MDPI in October 2021 and acted as the Publishing Specialist for the Social Sciences portfolio of journals. He joined the Scientific Officer Board in October 2023. He has a liberal arts undergraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, graduating with honors from Grinnell College, Iowa. He received his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research focus was on Vocational Interests and Psychometrics. He has studied in Singapore, the UK, Japan, and the USA.

Dr. Anna Korzeniewska
Scientific Officer—Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Anna Korzeniewska joined MDPI in December 2020 as an Assistant Editor. She holds both a Bachelor’s degree (2015) and a Master’s degree (2016) in Chemical technology from the AGH University of Science and Technology. Six months after joining MDPI, she defended her Ph.D. thesis, "Chemical characteristics of solid particles emitted from selected sources in combustion processes". In June 2021, she graduated from the Department of Coal Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. She has been working as a Section Managing Editor for Energies, and more recently, as a Journal Relations Specialist. Anna took on the role of Group Leader for several sections and managed a team of Assistant Editors in the Krakow Office.

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