Journals A-Z

MDPI is continuously expanding its portfolio of journals. Publishing proposals, including transfer of existing journals, launch of new titles or conversion of subscription journals to Open Access, must be addressed to Delia Mihaila, with copy to Dr. Franck Vazquez and Dr. Shu-Kun Lin .

Note: the following list only shows Scopus (Elsevier)-covered journals belonging to the "Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities" subject. A complete list of journals published by MDPI is also available.

  Journal Name ISSN Established Current Issue Articles      RSS
Religions religions 2077-1444 2010 v.8(3):Page 1, Articles 31-44, Mar 2017 554 rss-feed
Social Sciences socsci 2076-0760 2012 v.6(1):Page 1, Articles 1-35, Mar 2017 278 rss-feed
Sustainability sustainability 2071-1050 2009 v.9(4):Page 1, Articles 444-675, Apr 2017 4268 rss-feed
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