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Advanced Analysis of Energy Systems under Sustainability Aspects
(Editors: Diego Iribarren, Ian Vázquez-Rowe)
30 Nov 2016 7
Alternative Energy Sources in Developing and Developed Regions
(Editor: Witold-Roger Poganietz)
31 May 2015 18
Big Data Initiative on Resources Management
(Editor: Sonal Choudhary)
31 Jul 2018
Consideration of Abiotic Natural Resources in Life Cycle Assessments
(Editor: Mario Schmidt)
15 Dec 2015 10
Criticality of the Rare Earth Elements: Current and Future Sources and Recycling
(Editor: Simon M. Jowitt)
30 Jun 2017 7
Difficult Decisions in Disaster Risk and Environmental Management
(Editors: Tim Prior, Anna Scolobig)
31 May 2016 8
Ecological Footprint Assessment for Resources Management
(Editors: Nadia Marchettini, Valentina Niccolucci)
30 Apr 2018
Ecosystem Service Valuation, Its Measurement and Uses
(Editors: Richard F. Kazmierczak, Jr., Rex H. Caffey)
31 Jul 2013 7
Equitable and Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources
(Editor: Takayuki Hiraki)
31 Mar 2013 10
Existing & Potential CO2 Re-Use: Exploring the Evolving Field
(Editor: Davide Bonalumi)
21 May 2018
Groundwater Quantity and Quality Printed Edition available
(Editors: John A. Luczaj, Dallas Blaney)
15 Apr 2015 12
How Much Environment Do Humans Need?+20 - Reviewing Progress in Material Intensity Analysis for Transition towards Sustainable Resource Management
(Editors: Stefan Bringezu, Friedrich Hinterberger, Christa Liedtke)
31 May 2013 17
New Water Regimes
(Editors: Jacque Emel, Alida Cantor)
15 Nov 2017 3
Recycling In Emerging Economies: Practical Considerations for the Circular Economy in Fast-Growing Middle-income Cities and Countries
(Editor: Anne Scheinberg)
1 Nov 2017 6
Renewable Resources, Clean Resources, Future Resources
(Editor: Eliseu Monteiro)
31 May 2018
Resource Recovery from Waste for Agriculture, Landscaping and Aquaculture
(Editors: Pay Drechsel, Miriam Otoo, Johannes Paul)
30 Apr 2017 5
Spatial and Temporal Variation of the Wind Resource
(Editor: Simon J. Watson)
15 Nov 2014 9
Sustainability Indicators for Environment Management
(Editor: Francisco Areal)
30 Sep 2017 8
Sustainable Tourism and Natural Resource Conservation in the Polar Regions
(Editors: Machiel Lamers, Edward Huijbens)
31 May 2017 8
Toward Integrated Water-Energy-Land-Food Management
(Editor: Cara Beal)
31 Mar 2017 6
Urban Mining for Resource Supply
(Editor: Xianlai Zeng)
30 Apr 2018 3
Wealth from Waste: Urban Metal Resources and Industrial Ecology
(Editors: Damien Giurco, Samantha Sharpe, Julian Fyfe)
10 Dec 2013 13
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