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15 Years of Tissue Microarray Technology: The Changing Scenario of Tissue-Based Translational Research
(Editor: Luigi Terracciano)
31 March 2015 5
Advantages of Three Dimensional (3D) Cell Cultures
(Editors: Mohammad Reza Lornejad-Schäfer, Christine Schäfer)
30 June 2015 3
Antibody Microarrays in Clinical Proteomics
(Editors: Carl A. K. Borrebaeck, Christer Wingren, Ulrika Andreasson)
31 May 2015
Carbohydrate Microarrays
(Editor: Yan Liu)
31 August 2015
Cell-Based Microarrays
(Editor: Holger Erfle)
31 March 2016
Computational Modeling and Analysis of Microarray Data: New Horizons
(Editor: Heather J. Ruskin)
31 August 2015 1
High-Throughput Microarray for Protein Biomarker Discovery
(Editor: Quan-Zhen Li)
30 June 2015
Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis
(Editor: Xin Ma)
30 September 2015 2
Microarray-Based Platforms and Strategies for the Development of Molecular-Centric Diagnostic Tools
(Editor: Stephen J. Walker)
31 July 2015
Microarrays in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing
(Editors: Yuriy Alekseyev, Gang Liu)
31 October 2015
Microfluidics Technology
(Editor: Zvi Loewy)
31 July 2015
New and Old Technologies for Generation of Microarrays
(Editor: Günter Roth)
31 March 2015 3
Optical Microarrays
(Editors: Günter Gauglitz, Günther Proll)
31 March 2015
Peptide Microarrays
(Editors: Frank Breitling, Alexander Nesterov-Müller)
31 May 2015
SNP Array
(Editor: Jari Louhelainen)
31 July 2015
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