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125 Years of Forest Inventories—Past, Present and Future—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editor: Marco Marchetti)
30 Sep 2017
At the Frontiers of Knowledge in Forest Economics
(Editor: Francisco X. Aguilar)
01 Mar 2018
Biodiversity and Conservation—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 6–9)
(Editor: Peter Spathelf)
20 Jul 2017 3
Bridging the Gap between Regional Scale Forest Modelling and Field-Based Research
(Editors: Koen Hufkens, Margaret Kosmala, Tim Rademacher, David Basler)
30 Sep 2017
Climatic, Biotic and Structural Feedbacks on Drought-Induced Forest Declines
(Editors: Adrià Barbeta, Jofre Carnicer, Christian Zang)
20 Jan 2018
Decision Support Approaches in Adaptive Forest Management—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editors: Jan Kašpar, Pete Bettinger, Harald Vacik, Róbert Marušák, Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo)
30 Sep 2017 1
Ecology and Restoration of Whitebark Pine
(Editors: Robert E Keane, Kathryn Ireland, Shawn T. McKinney)
30 Jan 2018
Effect of Drought on Forests—Plant Water Relations and Ecological Consequences
(Editors: John Grace, Maurizio Mencuccini)
30 Sep 2017
Forest Fine Roots in Changing Climate
(Editor: Isabella Børja)
15 Nov 2017 1
Forest Landscape Ecology: Linking Past, Present, and Future Data
(Editor: Matteo Garbarino)
28 Feb 2018
Forest Operations, Engineering and Management
(Editor: Raffaele Spinelli)
30 Sep 2017 1
Forest Pest Outbreaks under Climate Change
(Editor: Kyle Haynes)
31 Oct 2017
Forest Sustainable Management
(Editor: Peter Wolter)
15 Dec 2017
Gene-Based SNP Discovery and Diversity of Forests Trees
(Editors: María-Teresa Cervera, Dephine Grivet)
31 Aug 2017
Genetics and Genomics of Forest Trees
(Editor: Filippos A. (Phil) Aravanopoulos)
20 Dec 2017
How Global Warming Affects Xylogenesis: Tree Responses and Consequences
(Editor: Ignacio García-González)
30 Jun 2017
How Topography Impacts Forests under Global Change?
(Editors: Kaiguang Zhao, Stephen N. Matthews)
15 Oct 2017
Human–Wildlife Conflicts in Forests
(Editors: Mariella Marzano, Norman Dandy)
15 Jan 2018
Impacts of Climate Change—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 1–5)
(Editor: Marc Hanewinkel)
10 Jul 2017 4
Isotope Application in Forest Growth Assessment
(Editors: Giovanna Battipaglia, Olga Churakova (Sidorova))
15 Feb 2018
Modeling Tropical Forest Dynamics through Their Functional Traits in a Climate Change Century
(Editor: Bruno Herault)
15 Jan 2018
Multidisciplinary Research from the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative (THAPBI)—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editor: Jill Thompson)
30 Sep 2017
New Application based on Advanced Remote Sensing Data in Forests and Wood Land Areas
(Editor: Barbara Koch)
31 Jan 2018
New Insights into Climate Sensitivity of Forest Growth, Health, and Disturbance: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Change
(Editor: Glenn Juday)
15 Jul 2017 6
Old Growth Temperate and Boreal Forests: Processes, Functions, and Dynamics
(Editors: Renzo Motta, Williamm Keeton)
01 Feb 2018
Our Future Forests and Their Products—How to Get out of the Woods—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editor: Florian Kraxner)
30 Nov 2017 1
Pine Pitch Canker—Strategies for Management of Gibberella Circinata in Greenhouses and Forests (PINESTRENGTH)
(Editors: Julio Javier Diez Casero, Stephen Woodward)
30 Sep 2017 1
Planted Forests and Climate Change—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editors: Christophe Orazio, Elena Paoletti, Margarida Tomé)
30 Sep 2017
Post-Disturbance Forest Management and Regeneration Dynamics
(Editor: Emanuele Lingua)
10 Aug 2017 5
Quantifying Impacts of Drought and Wildfire on Forest's Water and Carbon Resources
(Editor: Patrick Mitchell)
10 Dec 2017
Remote Sensing of Forest Disturbance
(Editors: Sean P. Healey, Warren B. Cohen)
01 Jul 2017 5
Remote Sensing of Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Other Vegetation Parameters
(Editors: Javier García-Haro, Hongliang Fang, Juan Manuel Lopez-Sanchez)
15 Apr 2018 1
Seedling Production and Field Performance of Seedlings
(Editors: Johanna Riikonen, Jaana Luoranen)
31 Mar 2018
Selected Papers from the IUFRO 2.02.09—Christmas Tree Working Group Meeting
(Editors: Bert Cregg, Gary A. Chastagner)
01 Mar 2018
Successional Dynamics of Forest Structure and Function
(Editor: Christopher Gough)
31 Dec 2017 5
Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification
(Editor: Fred Cubbage)
31 Aug 2017
The Role of Bio-Economy for Forestry—Selected Papers from FowiTa German Forest Sciences Conference (Sessions 15–19)
(Editor: Norbert Lamersdorf)
31 Jul 2017 1
The Role of Fungi in Tropical Forest Systems
(Editor: Francis Brearley)
20 Aug 2017
The Role of Plant Tissue Culture Technology in Biodiversity Conservation—Selected Papers from the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress
(Editor: Tae Dong Kim)
30 Sep 2017
Tree Ecophysiology: Responses and Adaptation to a Changing Environment
(Editors: Martina Pollastrini, Riccardo Marzuoli)
30 Nov 2017
Treeline Ecotone Dynamics
(Editor: Constance Millar)
20 Sep 2017 2
Understanding and Managing Emerald Ash Borer Impacts on Ash Forests
(Editors: Randall K. Kolka, Anthony D’Amato, Nam Jin Noh, Brian J. Palik, Tomas Pypker, Robert Slesak, Joseph W. Wagenbrenner)
31 Dec 2017
What Role Can Ecological Factors Play in Supporting Ecosystem Services in Urban and Peri-Urban Forests?
(Editor: Giovanni Sanesi)
20 Oct 2017
Wildland Fire, Forest Dynamics, and Their Interactions
(Editors: Marc-André Parisien, Enric Batllori, Carol Miller, Sean A. Parks)
30 Nov 2017

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