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This section, broad and interdisciplinary in scope, intends to present mainly theoretically oriented material (even purely mathematical). It focuses on the challenges of modern statistical mechanics and its applications, while incorporating a high degree of mathematical rigor, in order to provide relevance not only to statistical physicists but also to mathematicians and theoretical physicists interested in interdisciplinary topics. Papers submitted should have real and concrete applications in statistical mechanics or provide clear evidence of possible applications. Papers in pure statistics will not be accepted. Specific subfields covered by this section include:

Foundations of classical and quantum statistical mechanics, nonlinear kinetics and related dynamical processes, classical and quantum stochastic processes. Generalizations of statistical mechanics; combinatorial aspects of statistical physics and quantum field theory, non-Gibbsian distributions and power-law distributions; non-equilibrium and meta-equilibrium processes.Geometry applications (including non-commutative geometry) to statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics applications to classical and quantum information theory, including entanglement and measurement, quantum communication, information dynamics, theory of quantum error correction, cryptography, and teleportation. Statistical mechanics of complex systems: biological, ecological and evolutionary systems, collective phenomena in economic and social systems.

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