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Submission Deadline
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Climate Change and Human Activities on Coral Reefs
(Editor: Sander Scheffers)
Marine Diversity 31 Jul 2018 1
Cross-shelf Variation in the Structure and Function of Coral Reef Assemblages
(Editors: Andrew Hoey, Morgan Pratchett, Michael Emslie, David Feary)
Marine Diversity 31 Dec 2018
Diversity of Ecosystem Engineers in the World Coasts and Oceans
(Editor: Jorge L. Gutiérrez)
Marine Diversity 31 Dec 2018
Effects of Human Disturbances and Climate Forcing on Marine Vegetation
(Editor: Dorte Krause-Jensen)
Marine Diversity 30 Jun 2018
Butterfly Conservation
(Editor: Karen Oberhauser)
30 Jun 2018
Climate Change Impacts on Alpine and Polar Plants
(Editor: Nicoletta Cannone)
31 May 2018
Conservation and Ecology of Amphibians
(Editor: Günter Gollmann)
31 May 2018 2
Disruption of Natural River Flow Regimes: An Opportunity for Non-Indigenous Species and the Need for New Management Practices
(Editors: Pedro Morais, Alexandra Teodósio)
30 Nov 2018
Diversity of Marine Invertebrate and Seaweed Symbiotic Bacteria
(Editor: Ipek Kurtboke)
30 Apr 2018 4
DNA Barcoding for Biodiversity
(Editor: Andrea Galimberti)
30 Sep 2018
Feature Papers for Celebrating the tenth Founding Year of Diversity
(Editor: Michael Wink)
30 Sep 2018 4
Food Webs, Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Quality
(Editor: PC (Peter) de Ruiter)
31 Jul 2018 1
Genomic Analyses of Avian Evolution
(Editors: Peter Houde, Michael Wink)
31 Aug 2018
Implications of Globalization for Biodiversity Conservation in Africa
(Editors: Tuyeni H. Mwampamba, Jennifer O’Leary)
15 Jan 2019
Management and Control of Invasive Crayfish (Crustacea)
(Editor: Piero G. Giulianini)
15 Oct 2018
Phylogenetic Exploration of Medicinal Plants Diversity
(Editor: Henrik Balslev)
31 Jul 2018
Selected Papers from International Eurasian Ornithology Congress (IEOC 2018)
(Editors: Michael Wink, Tamer Albayrak)
31 Aug 2018
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Marine Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function Relations
(Editor: Martin Solan)
31 Aug 2018
Stable Isotopes in Ecological Research
(Editor: Kent A. Hatch)
30 Nov 2018
Trophic Ecology
(Editor: Vitor H. Paiva)
30 Apr 2018
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