Interactions in Crystal Structures

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This section, and the others of this journal, ensures rapid publication of research results. It covers all aspects of interactions in crystals structures; their nature or the analysis of different types of interactions, such as the hydrogen bond which is most frequently the subject of studies. However, other types of interactions: halogen bond, pnicogen bond and all those which are classified as σ-hole bonds, could also be included. Interactions between ions and numerous other interactions are not overlooked here, as well as different types of crystals if the typology is based on the dominant kind of interactions; i.e., ionic, metallic, covalent or molecular crystals.

Other topics related to interactions in crystal structures are welcome; for example coordination chemistry; the influence of the intermolecular interactions on the geometry and arrangement of species constituting crystals; cooperativity effects; crystal motifs (synthons); the relationship between molecular and crystal structures, etc.

Crystal structure analyses, if they are supported by discussion on inter- and/or intramolecular interactions, are welcome, or if supported by theoretical results that allow to deepen understanding of the nature of interactions.

Original research articles, reviews, mini reviews, letters and communications are all suitable submissions.


Intermolecular interactions; intramolecular interactions; hydrogen bond; σ-hole bond; coordination number; coordination geometry; covalent; ionic; metallic and molecular crystals; cooperativity effects; synthons; structure motifs; molecular geometry; arrangement of molecules; the crystal–molecular structure relationship

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