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Computational Modeling in Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine
(Editors: Yoram Vodovotz, Rami Namas)
Computational Biology 30 Sep 2018
Pattern Formation in Population Dynamics
(Editors: Vitaly Volpert, Malay Banerjee, Moitri Sen)
Computational Biology 15 Jul 2018
In Memory of Walter Kohn—Advances in Density Functional Theory
(Editors: Levente Vitos, Stephan Schönecker, Karlheinz Schwarz)
Computational Chemistry 20 Aug 2018 8
Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer
(Editors: Ali Cemal Benim, Jan Taler, Abdulmajeed Mohamad)
Computational Engineering 30 Jun 2018
High-performance computing on streaming processors in graphics processing units (GPUs)
(Editor: Dirk Pleiter)
Computational Engineering 1 Oct 2018
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