Adaptive Catchment Management and Reservoir Operation (Editors: Guangtao Fu, Guangheng Ni, Chi Zhang)
Advances in Agriculture Water Efficiency (Editor: Surya P. Bhattarai)
Advances in Ecological Water System Modeling: Integration and Leanification as a Basis for Application in Environmental Management (Editors: Peter Goethals, Marie Forio)
Advances in Integrating Distributed Hydrologic Models with Novel Monitoring Data (Editors: Mantha S. Phanikumar, Stefan Krause)
Advances in Multivariate Analysis of Environmental Phenomena: Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Copulas in Hydrology (Editors: Gianfausto Salvadori, Carlo De Michele)
Advances in the Economic Analysis of Residential Water Use (Editors: Arnaud Reynaud, Giulia Romano)
Advances in Water Distribution Networks (Editors: Giuseppe Pezzinga, Enrico Creaco)
Antimicrobial Resistance in Environmental Waters (Editors: Karina Gin, Charmaine Ng)
Application of the China Meteorological Assimilation Driving Datasets for the SWAT Model (CMADS) in East Asia (Editors: Hao Wang, Xianyong Meng)
Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Theory, Design, and Operation (Editors: Thomas Missimer, Robert G. Maliva)
Assessment of Current and Future Vulnerability of Flooding with Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling and Remote Sensing Techniques (Editors: Yang Hong, Xinyi Shen, Yaokui Cui)
Biochar Based Soil Water Treatment (Editors: Thilo Hofmann, Gabriel Sigmund)
Bioenergy and Water (Editor: P.W. Gerbens-Leenes)
Biofilm Formation on Membranes in Water and Wastewater Treatment (Editor: Moshe Herzberg)
Biological Communities Respond to Multiple Human-Induced Aquatic Environment Change (Editors: Marina Manca, Roberta Piscia)
Carbon Footprint of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (Editor: Laurence Gill)
Climate-Water-Ecosystem-Interaction (Editors: Franco Salerno, Copetti Diego)
Contested Knowledges: Water Conflicts on Large Dams and Mega- Hydraulic Development (Editors: Esha Shah, Rutgerd Boelens, Bert Bruins)
Desalination and Water Treatment (Editor: Pei Xu)
Development of Alternative Water Sources in the Urban Sector (Editor: Eran Friedler)
Digitalisation of Water Management in Agriculture (Editors: Davide Viaggi, Francesco Galioto, Meri Raggi, Giacomo Zanni)
Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Quality of Snow-Dominated Mountainous Environments (Editors: Graham A. Sexstone, David W. Clow)
Energy Efficient Management of Water Collection, Treatment, Storage and Distribution (Editors: Mathias Ernst, Wolf Merkel)
Eutrophication Management: Monitoring and Control (Editor: Jesús Mercado-Carmona)
Eutrophication of Waterways: An Old Problem with Modern Consequences (Editor: Anas Ghadouani)
Freshwater Quality as a Driver of Aquatic Ecosystem Health (Editors: Katarzyna Glińska-Lewczuk, Krystian Obolewski)
Groundwater Resources and Salt Water Intrusion in a Changing Environment (Editors: Maurizio Polemio, Kristine Walraevens)
Health Risks of Alternative Water Sources (Editors: Warish Ahmed, Kerry Hamilton)
Heavy Metals and Potentially Toxic Elements (PTEs) in Water (Editor: Andrew Hursthouse)
Hydroeconomic Analysis for Sustainable Water Management (Editors: Josue Medellin-Azuara, Guilherme F. Marqes, Amaury Tilmant, Manuel Pulido-Velazquez)
Hydrological Performance of Green Roofs (Editors: Klaas Metselaar, Michael Richter, Petra van den Berg)
Impact of Climate on Hydrological Extremes (Editors: Salvatore Manfreda, Vito Iacobellis, Andrea Gioia, Mauro Fiorentino, Krzysztof Kochanek)
Innovation Issues in Water, Agriculture and Food (Editor: Luis Santos Pereira)
Integrated Constructed Wetland Systems: Design, Operation, and Performance (Editor: Miklas Scholz)
Landslide Hydrology (Editors: Roy C. Sidle, Roberto Greco, Thom A. Bogaard)
Life Cycle based Assessment Tools for Water Consumption and Management (Editors: Matthias Finkbeiner, Masaharu Motoshita, Markus Berger)
Monitoring and Governance of Water and Sanitation Services and Water Resources for Sustainable Development (Editors: Agustí Pérez-Foguet, Ricard Giné Garriga, Alejandro Jiménez Fernández de Palencia, Anna Tengberg, Daniel Camós, Luis Alberto Andrés)
Multiplicity, Characteristics, Main Impacts, and Stewardship of Natural and Artificial Freshwater Environments: Consequences for Biodiversity Conservation (Editors: Marco Cantonati, Sandra Poikane, Catherine M. Pringle, Lawrence E. Stevens, Eren Turak)
Optimizing Land Use Patterns in a Context of Watershed Management (Editor: Anton Van Rompaey)
Permeable Pavements and Their Role in Sustainable Urban Development (Editor: Terry Lucke)
Planning and Operations of Multi-Objective River and Reservoir Systems (Editor: Li-Chiu Chang)
Progress in Water Footprint Assessment (Editors: Arjen Y. Hoekstra, Ashok K. Chapagain, Pieter R. van Oel)
Quantifying Uncertainty in Integrated Catchment Studies (Editors: Franz Tscheikner-Gratl, Vasilis Bellos)
Recent Advances in Water and Wastewater Treatment with Emphasis in Membrane Treatment Operations (Editors: Anastasios Zouboulis, Ioannis Katsoyiannis)
Recent Progress in Research on River Deltas (Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Nina S.-N. Lam, Kam-biu Liu, Zhongyuan Chen)
Recent Progress in River Biogeochemistry Research (Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Laodong Guo, Jerome Gaillardet, Houjie Wang)
River and Lake Ice Processes—Impacts of Freshwater Ice on Aquatic Ecosystems in a Changing Globe (Editors: Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Helen Baulch)
Runoff Water Harvesting for Sustaining Agricultural Productivity and Increasing Food Security (Editors: Manuel Pulido Fernández, Ilan Stavi, Javier Lozano Parra, Valdemir Antoneli)
Seawater Intrusion: Simulation and Control (Editor: Carole Rosier)
Selected Papers from the 1st International Electronic Conference on the Hydrological Cycle (ChyCle-2017) (Editors: Raquel Nieto, Luis Gimeno, Jose A. Marengo, Diego Miralles, Sergio M. Vicente Serrano, Ana María Durán‐Quesada)
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Small Scale and Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse within the Concept of Circular Economy (Editors: Simos Malamis, Evina Katsou, Alper Baba, Maria da Conceição Cunha, Priyanie Amerasinghe, Michael Stenstrom, Andreas Angelakis)
Soil Erosion by Water (Editor: Panos Panagos)
Soil Water Conservation: Dynamics and Impact (Editors: Saskia Keesstra, Simone Di Prima, Mirko Castellini, Mario Pirastru)
Soil-Plant-Water Relationships (Editors: Rony Wallach, Yan Li)
Sponge Cities: Emerging Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities (Editors: Chris Zevenbergen, Dafang Fu, Assela Pathirana)
Streambank Erosion: Monitoring, Modeling and Management (Editors: Garey A. Fox, Celso Castro-Bolinaga)
Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture under Global Change (Editors: Maria Blanco, Pilar Martínez)
Sustainable Water Management within Inland River Watershed (Editor: Xiangzheng Deng)
Sustainable Water Supply through Desalination and Wastewater Reuse (Editors: Sunny Jiang, Nikolay Voutchkov, PE, BCEE)
The Economic Limits of Irrigation Water Reuse (Editor: James Pease)
Transdisciplinarity and Knowledge Co-production: Reflections from Water Governance (Editors: Gül Özerol , Marcela Brugnach)
Turbulence in River and Maritime Hydraulics (Editors: Michele Mossa, Donatella Termini, Peter A. Davies)
Understanding Game-based Approaches for Improving Sustainable Water Governance: The Potential of Serious Games to Solve Water Problems (Editors: Wietske Medema, Chengzi Chew, Jan Adamowski, Igor Mayer, Arjen Wals)
Water and Solute Transport in Vadose Zone (Editor: Boris Faybishenko)
Water Governance in Times of Change: Perceptions, Institutions, Praxis and Learning (Editors: Tim Smith, Ryan Plummer, Ray Ison, Neil Powell)
Water Management Using Drones and Satellites in Agriculture (Editors: Javier J. Cancela, Xesús P. González, José Manuel Mirás-Avalos, Mar Vilanova)
Water Networks Management: New Perspectives (Editors: Vasilis Kanakoudis, Stavroula Tsitsifli)
Water Recycling via Aquifers (Editors: Joanne L. Vanderzalm, Declan Page)
Water Resources and Environmental Fluid Mechanics: From the Glacier to the Lake/Ocean (Editors: Koen Blanckaert, Damien Bouffard)
Water Resources Investigation: Geologic Controls on Groundwater Flow (Editors: Donald Sweetkind, Philip Gardner)
Water Stewardship in Mining Regions (Editors: Neil McIntyre, Nadja Kunz)
Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Greater Mekong Subregion of Southeast Asia (Editors: Jiaguo Qi, Richard Lawford, Tira Foran)
Water-Induced Landslides: Prediction and Control (Editors: Antonello Troncone, Enrico Conte)
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Humanitarian Contexts (Editors: Caetano C. Dorea, Travis Yates, Claire Furlong)
Wetlands for the Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water (Editor: Guangzhi Sun)