BMP Development, Implementation, and Performance (Editors: Kelly Morgan, Monica Ozores-Hampton)
Climate Change Effects on Freshwater Organisms and Ecosystems (Editors: Xing Fang, James Stoeckel)
Constructed Wetlands Systems and Management (Editors: Alan Howard, Defu Xu)
Ecological Monitoring, Assessment, and Management in Freshwater Systems (Editors: Young-Seuk Park, Soon-Jin Hwang)
Forecast of Extreme Events in the Water Cycle—Data, Models and Uncertainties (Editors: Yunqing Xuan, Harshinie Karunarathna, Adrián Pedrozo-Acuña)
Geospatial Modeling of River Systems (Editor: Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt)
Global Warming Impacts on Mountain Glaciers and Communities (Editors: Daene McKinney, Alton Byers)
Hillslope and Watershed Hydrology (Editors: Christopher Duffy, Xuan Yu)
Hydroinformatics and Urban Water Systems (Editors: Zoran Vojinovic, Michael Abbott)
Hydrologic System Analysis, Patterns, and Predictions for Arid and Semi-arid Environment (Editors: Assefa Melesse, Xixi Wang, Gabriel Senay)
Microbial Impacts on Water Resources: From Contamination to Remediation (Editor: Robin Slawson)
New Developments in Methods for Hydrological Process Understanding (Editors: Keith Smettem, Scott W. Tyler, Josie Geris)
Pathogens in Water (Editors: Sunny Jiang, Yiping Cao)
Rainwater Harvesting: Quantity, Quality, Economics and State Regulations (Editor: Ataur Rahman)
Resilience and Sustainability of the Mississippi River Delta as a Coupled Natural-Human System (Editors: Y. Jun Xu, Nina Lam, Kam-biu Liu)
Sea Level Changes (Editor: Aixue Hu)
Stream Ecosystems and Restoration: Linking Bioassessments to Improved Planning and Design Strategies (Editor: John Schwartz)
Sustainable Water Consumption (Editors: Stephan Pfister, Brad Ridoutt)
Uncertainty Analysis and Modeling in Hydrological Forecasting (Editors: Paolo Reggiani, Ezio Todini)
Urban Water Challenges (Editor: Peter Coombes)
Use of Meta-Heuristic Techniques in Rainfall-Runoff Modelling (Editor: Kwok-wing Chau)
Water Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, and Sustainable Water Resources Management (Editors: Sharon B. Megdal, Susanna Eden, Eylon Shamir)
Water Resource Variability and Climate Change (Editors: Yingkui Li, Michael Urban)
Water Resources Assessment and Management in Drylands (Editors: Magaly Koch, Thomas Missimer)
Water Resources Management: Innovation and Challenges in a Changing World (Editors: Ashantha Goonetilleke, Meththika Vithanage)
Watershed Protection and Management (Editors: Joan M. Brehm, Brian W. Eisenhauer)
Watershed Sediment Process (Editors: Jochen Aberle, Nils Ruther)