Section: Viruses of Plants, Fungi and Protozoa

Geminiviruses (Editor: Gian Accotto)

Section: Animal Viruses

Expert Views on HPV Infection (Editors: Alison McBride, Karl Munger)
HIV-1 Infection of the Central Nervous System, Its Consequences and Treatment (Editors: Magnus Gisslen, Richard Price, Ronald Swanstrom)
Protoparvoviruses: Friends or Foes? (Editors: Christiane Dinsart, Jürg Nüesch)

Section: Bacterial Viruses

Viruses of Microbes (Editors: Tessa Quax, Matthias Fischer, Laurent Debarbieux)

Not assigned to a section

Advances in Structural Virology via Cryo-EM (Editor: Elizabeth Wright)
Defensins (Editor: Theresa Li-Yun Chang)
Mathematical Modeling of Viral Infections (Editors: John Murray, Ruy Ribeiro)
Smallpox and Emerging Zoonotic Orthopoxviruses: What Is Coming Next? (Editors: Hermann Meyer, Jônatas Abrahão, Erna Geessien Kroon)
Structure-Function Relationships in Viral Polymerases (Editor: Olve Peersen)
Viral Subversion of Transcriptional Control (Editor: Joe Mymryk)
Viruses and Autophagy (Editor: Christian Münz)
Viruses and Telomeres (Editors: Paul Lieberman, Benedikt Kaufer)
Viruses and the DNA Damage Response (Editor: Micah Luftig)
Viruses and the Proteasome (Editors: Jason Weinberg, Jaquelin Dudley)
Viruses Infection and Apoptosis (Editor: Marc Kvansakul)