Section: Animal Viruses

Astroviruses (Editor: Stacey Schultz-Cherry)
Recent Advances in Hepatitis B Virus Research (Editors: Ulrike Protzer, Michael Nassal)
Recent Progress in Dengue Virus Research 2016 (Editors: Ali Amara, Felix Rey)

Not assigned to a section

Advances in Flavivirus Research (Editor: Michael Holbrook)
GWAS and Beyond: Omics Research for insights into Human-Virus Interactions and pathogenesis (Editor: Cheryl Winkler)
Lectins as Antiviral (Editor: Barry O'Keefe)
Marine Viruses 2016 (Editor: Mathias Middelboe)
Recent Progress in Measles Virus Research (Editor: Richard Plemper)
Recent Progress in Understanding the Mechanism and Consequences of Retrotransposon Movement (Editors: David Garfinkel, Katarzyna Purzycka)
Viral Interactions with Host RNA Decay Pathways (Editors: J. Robert Hogg, Karen Beemon)
Virus Uncoating and Nuclear Import (Editor: Jason Mercer)
Viruses 2016 - At the Forefront of Virus-Host Interactions (Editors: Eric Freed, Thomas Klimkait)
Viruses and ERAD (Editor: Jaquelin Dudley)
Viruses of Microbes (Editors: Tessa Quax, Matthias Fischer, Laurent Debarbieux)
Viruses of Protozoa (Editor: Bernard La Scola)