Section: Animal Venoms

Animal Venoms and Pain (Editors: Stuart Brierley, Irina Vetter)
Use of Antibodies/Antivenom Against Envenoming (Editors: Wayne Hodgson, Geoff Isbister)

Section: Bacterial Toxins

H. pylori Virulence Factors in the Induction of Gastric Cancer (Editors: Jean E. Crabtree, Silja Wessler)
Pasteurella multocida and Its Virulence Factors (Editor: Katharina Kubatzky)
Adenylate Cyclase (CyaA) Toxin (Editor: Alexandre Chenal)
Cellular Entry of Binary and Pore-Forming Bacterial Toxins (Editor: Alexey S. Ladokhin)
Heat-Stable Enterotoxins (Editor: Scott A. Waldman)
The Insecticidal Bacterial Toxins in Modern Agriculture (Editors: Juan Ferré, Baltasar Escriche)

Section: Marine and Freshwater Toxins

Selected Papers from the 5th Iberoamerican Cyanotoxins Meeting (Editor: Luis Botana)

Section: Mycotoxins

Impact of Human Metabolism on the Toxicological Effects of Mycotoxins (Editor: Chiara Dall'Asta)
Promising Detoxification Strategies to Mitigate Mycotoxins in Food and Feed (Editor: Ting Zhou)

Not assigned to a section

Ribosome Inactivating Toxins (Editors: Julien Barbier, Daniel Gillet)
Toxic Non-Proteinogenic Amino Acids (NPAA) (Editor: John Berry)
Yeast Killer Toxins (Editor: Manfred J. Schmitt)