Section: Animal Venoms

Discovery of Antibodies and Novel Antivenoms against Envenoming (Editors: Mikael Rørdam Andersen, Andreas Hougaard Laustsen)
Diversity and Pharmacological Discovery from Venoms of Conus and other Conidaeans (Editors: Baldomero Olivera, Helena Safavi-Hemami)
Toxins-Membrane Interactions (Editors: Christina I. Schroeder, Mehdi Mobli)
Venom Peptides: Role of Predatory and Defensive Adaptations in Their Evolution and Chemical Biology (Editors: Richard J. Lewis, Sebastien Dutertre)

Section: Bacterial Toxins

Bacterial Pore-Forming Toxins (Editor: Peter A. Keyel)
Bacterial Toxins: Structure–Function Relationship (Editor: Subramanyam Swaminathan)
Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Movement Disorders (Editor: Markus Naumann)
Insecticidal Toxins from Bacillus thuringiensis (Editor: Alejandra Bravo)
Leukotoxins (Editor: Subramaniam Srikumaran)
Lipopolysaccharide: Bacterial Endotoxin (Editor: Susana Merino Montero)
Mycolactone: Lipid-Like Immunosuppressive Toxin of Buruli Ulcer (Editors: Gerd Pluschke, Rachel Simmonds)
Novel BoNTs and Toxin Engineering (Editor: Sabine Pellett)

Section: Marine and Freshwater Toxins

Bio-Monitoring of Marine and Fresh Water Toxins in Europe and North America (Editors: Luis M. Botana, Amparo Alfonso, Schonna R. Manning)
Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins: New Advances and Future Challenges (Editors: Ana M. Cameán, Angeles Jos)
Dinophysis Toxins: Distribution, Fate in Shellfish and Impacts (Editors: Beatriz Reguera, Juan C. Blanco)
Emerging Marine Biotoxins (Editors: Ana Gago-Martínez, Arjen Gerssen)
Evolution and Molecular Biology of Marine Biotoxins (Editors: Shauna Murray, Uwe John)
Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics (Editors: Uwe John, Allan Cembella)
Paralytic Shellfish Toxins (Editor: Andrew Turner)
Tetrodotoxins (Editor: Panagiota Katikou)

Section: Mycotoxins

Biological Control and Post-Harvest Detoxification of Mycotoxins as Strategies to Reduce the Impact of Mycotoxins (Editors: Siska Croubels, Kris Audenaert)
Dietary Mycotoxin Exposure: Emerging Risks to Human Health (Editors: John D. Groopman, Joshua W. Smith)
Effects of Mycotoxins on the Intestine (Editors: Isabelle P. Oswald, Philippe Pinton, Imourana Alassane-Kpembi)
Fate of Free, “Masked” and Conjugated/Modified forms of Mycotoxins (Editor: Michele Suman)
Functional Genomics of Toxigenic Fungi and Regulatory Mechanism in the Biosynthesis of Mycotoxins (Editors: Giancarlo Perrone, Antonia Gallo)
Metabolomics in Mycotoxin Research (Editor: Rainer Schuhmacher)
Modelling for Risk Assessment of Mycotoxins (Editor: HJ (Ine) van der Fels-Klerx)
Recent Advances in Fusarium Research (Editor: Antonio Moretti)

Section: Plant Toxins

Toxicity of Plant Toxins in Medical Herbs (Editors: Pang-Chui Shaw, Ikhlas A. Khan)

Section: Uremic Toxins

Disposition of Uremic Toxins: The Challenges in Uremia (Editor: Rosalinde Masereeuw)
The Intestine and Uremia (Editor: Griet Glorieux)
Uremia and Cardiovascular Disease (Editor: Ziad A. Massy)

Not assigned to a section

Advanced Sensors for Toxins (Editors: Jean-Louis Marty, Gaelle Catanante, Akhtar Hayat)
Food Safety and Natural Toxins (Editors: Mary Fletcher, Gabi Netzel)
Foodborne Toxins: Pathogenesis and Novel Control Measures (Editor: Luisa W. Cheng)
Heat-Resistant Toxins of Animal, Plant and Microbial Origins (Editor: J. Daniel Dubreuil)
Risks Associated with Naturally Occurring Toxins in the Climate Changing World (Editors: Paul C. Turner, Naresh Magan)
The Molecular Mechanism of the Interplay between Toxins Driven Microbiota Dysbiosis and Innate Immunity (Editors: Azzam Maghazachi, Rifat Akram Hamoudi, Sandra Gessani)
Toxins and Bioinformatics (Editor: Michal Linial)
Toxins and Immunology (Editor: Jean Marc Cavaillon)
Toxins and Ion Channels (Editors: Evelyne BENOIT, Jordi MOLGO)
Toxins:10th Anniversary (Editors: Jay Fox, Michel R. Popoff, Bryan Grieg Fry, Sarah Saeger, Vítor Vasconcelos, Nilgun E. Tumer, R. Vanholder)
Venom and Toxin as Targeted Therapy (Editor: Hang Fai (Henry) Kwok)