Section: Animal Venoms

Bee and Wasp Venoms: Biological Characteristics and Therapeutic Application (Editor: Sokcheon Pak)
Selected Papers from the 5th Venoms to Drugs Meeting (Editor: Bryan Grieg Fry)

Section: Bacterial Toxins

Botulinum toxins on human pain (Editor: Bahman Jabbari)
Clostridium difficile/Clostridium sordellii and Clostridium perfringens Toxins (Editor: Michel R. Popoff)
Rapid Detection of Bacterial Toxins (Editor: Xiaohua He)
Shiga Toxins 2015 (Editors: Gerald B. Koudelka, Steven A Mauro)
The Cell Biology of Toxins and Effector Proteins from Vibrio cholerae (Editor: Ken Teter)

Section: Marine and Freshwater Toxins

Conotoxins: Novel Pharmacologies for Nervous System Disorders (Editor: Macdonald Christie)

Section: Mycotoxins

Biorecognition Assays for Mycotoxins (Editors: Michelangelo Pascale, Maria C. DeRosa)
Evolutionary/Phylogenetic Studies of Mycotoxin Biosynthetic Pathways 2015 (Editor: Jiujiang Yu)
Fusarium Toxins – Relevance for Human and Animal Health (Editor: Sven Dänicke)
Mycotoxins and Human Diseases 2015 (Editor: Paul Turner)
Understanding Mycotoxin Occurrence in Food and Feed Chains (Editor: Paola Battilani)

Not assigned to a section

Detection and identification of biological toxins in international proficiency tests (Editors: Andreas Rummel, Brigitte G. Dorner)
G-Protein Coupled Receptors as mediators of Toxin effects (Editors: Azzam Maghazachi, Sandra Gessani)