Section: Innovations in Materials Processing

Ceramic Technologies and Applications (Editor: Paolo Veronesi)

Section: Quantum Technologies

Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and Experimental Implications (Editor: Ahmed Ali)

Section: Assistive Technologies

Assistive Robotics (Editors: Byung-Cheol Min, Ramviyas Parasuraman)
Personal Health and Wellbeing Intelligent Systems Based on Wearable and Mobile Technologies (Editor: Mario Munoz-Organero)
Selected Papers from AAATE2017 congress (Editors: Peter Cudd, Jeffrey W. Jutai, Mario Munoz-Organero)
Selected Papers from the 10th International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) (Editors: Fillia Makedon, Vassilis Athitsos)

Section: Construction Technologies

Construction Materials Technologies (Editors: Frédéric Lebon, Raffaella Rizzoni)

Not assigned to a section

Modern Methods for Measuring the Functional Characteristics of Surfaces (Editors: Grzegorz Królczyk, Richard Leach, Michal Wieczorowski)
Wearable Technologies (Editors: Alessandro Tognetti, Nicola Carbonaro)