Civil/Environmental Systems Design (Editor: Royce Francis)
Deep Learning and Optimization Techniques for Intelligent Transportation System (Editors: Chi-Hua Chen, Feng-Jang Hwang, Ming Li, Ting-Huan Kuo)
Governance Change in Organizational and Territorial Systems (Editor: Gianpaolo Basile)
Health Informatics (Editor: Donald Kerr)
Modelling of Economic Systems (Editors: Vladimír Bureš, Lukáš Režný)
Risk Management for Software Intensive Systems (Editors: Shareeful Islam, Reza Alavi, Michalis Pavlidis )
Systems Thinking (Editors: Cliff Whitcomb, Heidi Davidz, Stefan Groesser)
Theory and Practice in System Dynamics Modelling (Editor: Vladimír Bureš)