Carbon Strategy and Information Systems—How Companies Use ICT to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint (Editors: Ralf Isenmann, Jorge Gómez)
Complex Social Systems: Theory And Practice (Editors: Josue Selva, Hugh Gash, Josep-Lluis Usó-Doménech)
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Second Generation General System Theory: Perspectives in Philosophy and Approaches in Complex Systems (Editors: Gianfranco Minati, Eliano Pessa, Ignazio Licata)
Service Systems (Editors: Francesco Polese, Luca Carrubbo, Orlando Troisi)
Smart Cities and Regions as Systems of Innovation (Editors: Christina Kakderi, Nicos Komninos, Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos)
Systems Approaches and Tools for Managing Complexity (Editors: Nam Nguyen, Constantin Malik, Thanh V. Nguyen, Tuan Ha)
Systems Research (Editors: Shankar Sankaran, Pamela Buckle Henning, Timothy Ferris, Mary C. Edson)