Biometric Recognition In-The-Wild (Editor: Hugo Pedro Proença)
CPT Symmetry (Editor: Eberhard Widmann)
Fluctuating Asymmetry 2016 (Editor: John H. Graham)
Frontiers in Asymmetric Multicomponent Reactions (Editor: Helena C. Malinakova)
Lie and Conditional Symmetries and Their Applications for Solving Nonlinear Models (Editor: Roman M. Cherniha)
Nuclear Symmetry Energy (Editor: Dinesh Shetty)
Parity-Time Symmetry in Optics and Photonics (Editor: Blas Manuel Rodríguez-Lara)
Polyhedral Structures (Editor: Egon Schulte)
Revealing the Symmetries of the Universe: Dark Energy, Inflation and Modified Gravity (Editors: Shin'ichi Nojiri, Vasilis K. Oikonomou)
Scientific Programming in Practical Symmetric Big Data (Editors: Doo-Soon Park, Shu-Ching Chen)
Symmetry in Complex Networks II (Editor: Angel Garrido)
Symmetry in Orthogonal Polynomials (Editor: Charles F. Dunkl)
Symmetry in Probability and Inference (Editor: Marlos Viana)
Symmetry in Secure Cyber World (Editors: Young-Sik Jeong, Laurence Yang, Stefanos Gritzalis)
Symmetry in Systems Design and Analysis (Editors: Ka Man, Yo-Sub Han, Hai-Ning Liang)
Symmetry in Vision (Editors: Marco Bertamini, Lewis Griffin)
Symmetry of the Order Parameter in Iron-Based Superconductors (Editor: Sergey Borisenko)
Symmetry: Feature Papers 2016 (Editor: Sergei Odintsov)