Advanced in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing (Editors: Yunsick Sung, Vincenzo Loia, Neil Yen)
Advances in Future Internet and Industrial Internet of Things (Editor: James Park)
Advances in Medical Image Segmentation (Editor: George A. Papakostas)
Applications Based on Symmetrical Characteristics of the Human Body (Editor: Karl Grammer)
Broken Symmetry (Editor: Boris Malomed)
Broken Symmetry in Curved Spacetime and Gravity (Editor: Charles D. Lane)
Casimir Physics and Applications (Editors: Iver H. Brevik, Kimball A. Milton)
Chiral Asymmetry in Cells (Editor: Kenji Matsuno)
Civil Engineering and Symmetry (Editors: Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Romualdas Bausys, Jurgita Antuchevičienė)
Cosmological Inflation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy (Editor: Kazuharu Bamba)
Current and Future Prospects in Understanding the Nuclear Symmetry Energy (Editor: Michael Famiano)
Deep Learning for Facial Informatics (Editor: Gee-Sern Jison Hsu)
Deep Learning-Based Biometric Technologies (Editor: Kang Ryoung Park)
Difference Equations, Symmetric, Close to Symmetric and Cyclic Systems of Difference Equations (Editor: Stevo Stevic)
Electroweak Symmetry and Theory (Editor: Naoyuki Haba)
Emerging Approaches and Advances in Big Data (Editors: Ka Man, Kevin Lee)
Emerging Approaches and Advances in Cloud Computing (Editor: Martin Jaatun)
Gap Symmetry and Structure of Superconductors (Editor: Maxim M. Korshunov)
High Energy Physics (Editor: Akhtar Mahmood)
Information Technology and Its Applications 2018 (Editors: Tzu Chuen Lu, Wun-She Yap)
Lie and Conditional Symmetries and Their Applications for Solving Nonlinear Models, II (Editors: Danny Arrigo, Roman M. Cherniha)
Lie Symmetries at Work in Biology and Medicine (Editor: Maria Clara Nucci)
Mathematical Crystallography (Editor: Sergey V. Krivovichev)
Modeling of Complex Interfaces: From Surface Chemistry to Nano Chemistry (Editor: Frederik Tielens)
Modern Trends of Lorentz Symmetry and Lorentz Violation (Editor: Sheng-Der Chao)
Multiferroic Dynamics (Editor: Jamal Berakdar)
New Trends in Quantum Electrodynamics (Editor: Roberto Passante)
Novel Machine Learning Approaches for Intelligent Big Data (Editors: Gangman Yi, Yi Pan)
Optical Waveguides in Photonic Crystals (Editor: Vladimir Shandarov)
Selected Papers: Symmetry 2017—The First International Conference on Symmetry (Editors: Sergei Odintsov, Maurizio Benaglia, Kimball A. Milton, Cino Pertoldi)
Structural Symmetry and Protein Function (Editor: Stefano Pascarella)
Supersymmetry (Editor: Vladimir K. Dobrev)
Symmetry and Complexity (Editor: Carlo Cattani)
Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Phenomena (Editors: Luis Miguel Nieto, Manuel Donaire )
Symmetry in Cooperative Applications III (Editor: Yuhua Luo)
Symmetry in Coordination Chemistry (Editor: Takashiro Akitsu)
Symmetry in Discrete Geometry (Editor: Karoly Bezdek)
Symmetry in Electromagnetism (Editors: Albert Ferrando, Miguel Ángel García-March)
Symmetry in Molecular Dynamics (Editor: Roberta Galeazzi)
Symmetry in the Design of Educational Computer Games and the Gamification of Instruction (Editor: Atsusi “2c” Hirumi, PhD)
Twinned Crystals (Editors: Aleksander Recnik, Nina Daneu)