Section: Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources

Carbon Footprint: As an Environmental Sustainability Indicator (Editors: Kuishuang Feng, Bin Chen, Shaojian Wang)
Coastal Ecosystems: Monitoring, Management, Restoration, Preservation, and Valuation (Editor: Paul C. Sutton)
Defining and Assessing Landscape and Urban Sustainability: Linking Spatial Patterns, Ecosystems Services, and Human Wellbeing (Editor: Jianguo (Jingle) Wu)
Degradation and Sustainable Management of Land (Editor: Hans Hurni)
Ecological Restoration for Sustainable Forest Management (Editor: Takuo Nagaike)
Eutrophication and Sustainable Management of Water (Editor: Marco Ragazzi)
Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils: Sources, Releases and Environmental Impacts (Editors: Alexis Laurent, Mikołaj Owsianiak)
Marine Carbon Cycles (Editors: Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Xuelu Gao, Louis Lebel, Joji Ishizaka)
Natural Resources Economics (Editors: Rosa Duarte, Vicente Pinilla)
Nuclear Waste Management and Sustainability of Nuclear Systems (Editors: Michael Ojovan, Zoran Drace)
Physical Geography and Environmental Sustainability (Editor: Mary J. Thornbush)
Risk Assessment and Management (Editors: Elena Cristina Rada, Lucian-Ionel Cioca)
Seafood Sustainability (Editors: Naresh C. Pradhan, Stephen M. Stohs, Junning Cai)
Social-Ecological Restoration for Coastal Sustainability (Editors: Steven Scyphers, Michael W. Beck)
Sustainable Irrigation for the Future: Addressing the Challenges to Improved Water Use Efficiency (Editor: David Horne)
Sustainable Landscape Management (Editor: Paul Opdam)
Sustainable River Basin Management (Editors: Phoebe Koundouri, Ebun Akinsete)
Theoretical and Applicability Problems of Agricultural Engineering and Associated Research Areas—Sustainable Agricultural Engineering—Sustainable Biomass to Energy Conversion (Editor: Józef Szlachta)
Transforming Development and Disaster Risk (Editors: Jonathan E. Ensor, Frank Thomalla)
Waste, Space, and Place (Editors: Gideon Singer, Keri Chiveralls, Kirrilly Thompson, H. Kory Cooper)
Wetland Ecology, Conservation and Sustainability: Applications of Geospatial Techniques (Editors: Lalit Kumar, Onisimo Mutanga)

Section: Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability

Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Sustainability (Editor: Benjamin Hazen)
Reverse Logistics: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Editors: Sergio Rubio, Antonio Chamorro-Mera, Francisco J. Miranda)
Social Innovation and Value Co-Creation: Finding the Strategic Link in Business Management towards Sustainability (Editors: Barbara Aquilani, Tindara Abbate, Cecilia Silvestri, Alfonso Vargas Sanchez)
Sustainability in Food Supply Chain and Food Industry (Editors: Riccardo Accorsi, Riccardo Manzini)
Sustainability of Economic Growth: Combining Technology, Market and Society (Editors: JinHyo Yun, Tan Yigitcanlar, KwantHo Jung)
Sustainable Tourism in Mountain Regions (Editors: Riccardo Beltramo, Pietro Beritelli, Pierre Torrente, Gabriela Tigu, Stefano Duglio)

Section: Sustainable Engineering and Science

Eco-design and Green Chemistry (Editors: Luis M. Gandía, Alberto Navajas)
Hydrogen Economy: Technology and Social Issue (Editors: Yuya Kajikawa, Yuki Kudoh, Yasunori Kikuchi)
Hydropower and Sustainability (Editors: Knut Alfredsen, Tor Haakon Bakken)
Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Sustainability (Editors: Mattias Höjer, Elina Eriksson)
Phosphorus Circular Economy: Closing Loops through Sustainable Innovation (Editors: Gerald Steiner, Bernhard Geissler)
Sustainability and Digital Environment (Editors: Roland Scholz, Gerald Steiner, Peter Parcycek)
Sustainable and Resource–Efficient Homes and Communities (Editor: Avi Friedman)
Sustainable Construction (Editors: Víctor Yepes, Tatiana García-Segur)
Transition towards Low-Impact and Regenerative Human Settlements (Editors: Jukka Heinonen, Juudit Ottelin)
Vegetated Roofs and Walls (Editor: Paulo Tabares Velasco)
Wave Energy Technologies: A Sustainable Energy Source (Editor: Yucheng Liu)

Section: Energy Sustainability

Advanced Innovative Solutions for Final Design in Terms of Energy Sustainability of Nearly/Net Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) (Editors: Domenico Mazzeo, Giuseppe Oliveti)
Building Simulation and Resilience of Buildings to Extreme Weather Events (Editor: Ali Bahadori-Jahromi)
Control and Optimization of Alternative-Energy Vehicles for Sustainable Transportation (Editors: Xiaosong Hu, Chen Lv)
Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy (Editor: Alessandro Franco)
Energy Security and Sustainability (Editors: Jeffrey Logan, Doug Arent)
Power System and Sustainability (Editors: Gaetano Zizzo, Salvatore Favuzza)
Smart Grid (Editor: Shuhui Li)
Social Innovations in the Energy Transition (Editors: Thomas Hoppe, Gerdien de Vries)
Solar Photovoltaic Electricity (Editors: Jiawei Gong, Qiquan Qiao, Zhengping Zhou, Tingting Xu, Mao Liang, Wenfeng Zhang)
Sustainability Assessments of Buildings (Editor: Umberto Berardi)
Sustainable Development of Electrical Energy Storage Technologies in Energy Production (Editor: Grigorios L. Kyriakopoulos)
Sustainable Electric Power Systems Research (Editor: Tomonobu Senjyu)
Sustainable Energy Policy and Policy Implications—Good Examples and Critical Reflections (Editor: Jenny Palm)
Sustainable Utilization of Waste Heat (Editors: Florian Heberle, Markus Preißinger)
The Advent of Smart Homes (Editor: Sehyun Park)
The Impact and Innovation of Wind Turbine Technologies (Editor: Carsten Westergaard)
Wind Energy, Load and Price Forecasting towards Sustainability (Editor: João P. S. Catalão)

Section: Sustainable Urban and Rural Development

Climate Resilient Urban Development (Editor: Darryn McEvoy)
Community, Natural Resources, and Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary and International Dialogue (Editors: Hua Qin, Jessica D. Ulrich-Schad, David Matarrita-Cascante)
Management Strategies and Innovations for Sustainable Construction (Editors: Bon-Gang Hwang, Ming Shan)
Urban Water Management (Editors: Manfred Kleidorfer, Robert Sitzenfrei)

Section: Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife

Carbon Input into Agricultural Soils (Editors: Martin Wiesmeier, Christopher Poeplau)
Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Towards New Thinking and Action (Editor: Rimjhim Aggarwal)
Precision Agriculture Technologies for a Sustainable Future: Current Trends and Perspectives (Editors: Konstantinos Arvanitis, Spyros Fountas)
Quantitative Methods for Environmental Assessment and Policy in Agriculture (Editors: Federica De Leo, Pier Miglietta)
Strategies, Advances and Challenges of Breeding Perennial Grain Crops (Editors: Timothy E. Crews, Douglas J. Cattani)

Section: Sustainable Education and Approaches

Adult and Community Education for Sustainability (Editor: John Fien)

Section: Sustainability of Culture and Heritage

Cultural Tourism and Sustainability (Editor: Vinod Sasidharan)
Developing Tourism in Rural and Agricultural Regions (Editors: Bruce Prideaux, Michelle Thompson)
Mobile Technology and Smart Tourism Development (Editors: Chulmo Koo, Ulrike Gretzel)
Rural Tourism, Rural Development and Rural Resilience (Editor: Anat Tchetchik)
Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development (Editor: Peter M. Burns)

Section: Sustainable Chemistry

Green and Sustainable Catalysts (Editor: Syed Farooq Adil)

Not assigned to a section

17th CIRIAF National Congress—Energy–Environmental Sustainability and Seismic Retrofit of Built Heritage (Editors: Andrea Nicolini, Anna Pisello)
6th World Sustainability Forum - Selected Papers (Editor: Manfred Bergman)
Achieving a Sustainable Future Using Renewable Materials in Buildings (Editor: Wen-Shao Chang)
Advanced Technology for Sustainable Development in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (Editors: Guangwei Huang, Xin Li)
Advances in Multiple Criteria Decision Making for Sustainability: Modeling and Applications (Editors: Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Kao-Yi Shen)
Advances in Post Occupancy Evaluation (Editors: Behzad Sodagar, Rosi Fieldson)
Assessing the Sustainability of Urban Agriculture: Methodological Advances and Case Studies (Editor: Esther Sanyé-Mengual)
Autonomous and Sustainable Computing for preparing the Internet of Things Environment (Editors: Seungmin Rho, Naveen Chilamkurti, Ka Lok Man)
Challenges for a Sustainable Water Use and Re-Use (Editors: Andrea Guerrini, Giulia Romano, Rui Cunha Marques, Francesco Fatone)
Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Development (Editors: Emma L. Tompkins, Natalie Suckall)
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation - ZEMCH 2016 (Editor: Arman Hashemi)
Cloud Platform Sustainability Technologies for Industrial Internet of Things (Editors: Jongsung Kim, Naveen Chilamkurti, Shiuh-Jeng Wang)
Dust Events in the Environment (Editors: Domenico M. Doronzo, Ali Al-Dousari)
Energy and Seismic Renovation Strategies for Sustainable Cities (Editor: Giuseppe Margani)
Energy Harvesting Communication and Computing for Sustainable IT (Editor: Young-Sik Jeong)
Entrepreneurial Sustainability: New Innovative Knowledge (Editor: Domingo Ribeiro-Soriano)
Finding Common Ground. Conservation and Conflict Resolution/Prevention (Editor: Saleem Ali)
Geospatial Technologies for Sustainable Natural Resources (Editors: Ashraf Dewan, Todd Robinson)
Heavy Metals: Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Sustainable Management (Editors: Fei Li, Jie Liang, Hongtao Yi, Hua Zhang)
Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (Editors: Hironori Hamanaka, Mark Elder)
Institutions and Policies for Rural Land Conversion in the Quest for Sustainability (Editors: Volker Beckmann, Rong Tan)
Leveraging Digitalization for Advanced Service Business Models: Challenges and Opportunities for Circular Economy (Editors: Vinit Parida, David Sjödin)
Local Heritage and Sustainability (Editors: Baoxiu Zhang, Shangyi Zhou, Jingqiu Zhang)
Methodological Advances in Research on Sustainable Ecosystems (Editors: Xinyue Ye, Yichun Xie, Victor Mesev)
Modern Statistical Techniques and Sustainability Studies: Selected Papers from the 9th International Conference on PLS and Related Methods (PLS'17) (Editors: Ivan K. W. Lai, Yide Liu)
Neo-Geography and Crowdsourcing Technologies for Sustainable Urban Transportation (Editor: Mohamed Bakillah)
Promoting the Sustainability of Agricultural Heritage Systems through Dynamic Conservation (Editors: Qingwen Min, Koji Nakamura, Won-Keun Yoon)
Recent Advances for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse with Emphasis in Applications in Vulnerable Communities (Editor: Ioannis Katsoyiannis)
Regional Cooperation for the Sustainable Develoment and Management in Northeast Asia (Editor: Yongrok Choi)
Resilient Architectural and Urban Design (Editors: Yi-Chang Chiang, Chris Zevenbergen, Peter van der Keur)
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Industry (Editors: Alexander Brem, Bernd Stahl, Doris Schroeder, Andre Martinuzzi, Vincent Blok)
Responsible Value Chains for Sustainability: Practices and Challenges from EcoBalance (Editors: Masaharu Motoshita, Matthias Finkbeiner, Yasuhiro Fukushima, Shabbir Gheewala, Jun Nakatani, Sonia Valdivia)
Sustainability and Materials (Editor: P.V. Kandachar)
Sustainability Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover (Editors: Olena Dubovyk, Sven Lautenbach, Frank Thonfeld, Andreas Rienow)
Sustainability in an Urbanizing World: The Role of People (Editor: Harini Nagendra)
Sustainability in Supply Chain Operations and Collaboration in the Big Data Era (Editors: Zhaoxia Guo, Guido Perboli, Calvin Wong)
Sustainability in the Mining, Minerals and Energy Industries (Editors: Ben McLellan, Glen Corder)
Sustainability of Nanotechnology: Novel Approaches (Editors: Anton Ficai, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu)
Sustainable Supply Chain System Design and Optimization (Editors: Nidhal Rezg, Sadok Turki)
Sustainable Urbanization Strategies in Developing Countries (Editors: Liyin Shen, Weisheng Lu, Vivian W. Y. Tam)
Sustaining Suburbia: Reassessing the Policies, Systems, and Form of Decentralized Growth (Editors: Ian Caine, Rebecca Walter)
The Impacts of Climate Changes: From Sustainability Perspectives (Editor: Rachel Chen)
Urban Heat Island (Editors: Constantinos Cartalis, Matheos Santamouris)
Urban Pathways: Transition towards Low-Carbon, Sustainable Cities in Emerging Economies (Editors: Oliver Lah, Ralph Sims, Shobhakar Dhakal)