Section: Sustainable Use of the Environment and Resources

Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Measuring “Environmental Sustainability" (Editor: Fausto Cavallaro)
Challenges in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management (Editor: Patrick Wäger)
Environmental Damages: Real Property Evidence and the Legal Environment Worldwide (Editors: Robert Simons, Ron Throupe)
Sustainable Development Goals: A Call for Frugal Innovations for a Resource-Scarce World (Editors: Marko Keskinen, Minna Halme, Olli Varis)

Section: Economic, Business and Management Aspects of Sustainability

Balancing Environmental Resources and Economic Welfare (Editors: Roberto Roson, S. Amer Ahmed)
Circular Economy (Editors: Peter Hopkinson, Stuart Roper, Donato Masi)
Eco-innovation and Competitiveness (Editor: Beatriz Junquera)
Green Logistics (Editors: Russell Thompson, Benjamin Hazen)
How Better Decision-Making Helps to Improve Sustainability (Editor: Kannan Govindan)
Innovation and Sustainable Development for the Bioeconomy (Editors: Antje Klitkou, Teis Hansen)
Internationalism, Interdisciplinarity, and Methodological Individualism: Understanding and Reflecting on the Emergence of Local and Community Governance of Energy (Editors: Shane Fudge, Michael Peters)
Quality and Innovation for a Circular Economy and a Sustainable Future (Editors: Alessandro Ruggieri, Samuel Sebhatu, Zenon Foltynowicz)
Sustainability and Competitiveness of Farms (Editor: Filippo Sgroi)
Sustainable Leadership and Management (Editor: Gayle C. Avery)
Sustainable Management in Tourism and Hospitality (Editor: Ian Patterson)

Section: Energy Sustainability

Sustainable Energy Storage Applications for Renewable Generation Support (Editor: Andreas Sumper)

Section: Sustainable Urban and Rural Development

City Region Foodscapes (Editor: Han Wiskerke)
Development of Sustainable Rural Regions in the Face of Increasing Globalization and Urbanization (Editor: David J. O’Brien)
Intelligent Environments and Planning for Urban Renewal (Editor: Nicos Komninos)
Maintaining Ecosystem Services to Support Urban Needs (Editors: Karsten Grunewald, Olaf Bastian)
Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Challenges (Editor: Davide Geneletti)
Sustaining the Shrinking City: Concepts, Dynamics and Management (Editors: William D. Shuster, Audrey L. Mayer, Ahjond S. Garmestani)
Urban Resilience and Urban Sustainability: From Research to Practice (Editors: Patricia Romero-Lankao, Olga Wilhelmi, Mary Hayden)

Section: Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Wildlife

Agroecology and Water Management (Editor: Luis Sañudo-Fontaneda)
Agroecology at the Crossroads: Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (Editors: Manuel González de Molina, Gloria Guzman)
How does Market Demand for Sustainability Shape Business Strategies? Exploring Innovation Paths in Agribusiness (Editors: Alessio Cavicchi, Cristina Santini)
Land and Food Policy (Editor: Hossein Azadi)
Organic Farming and Gene Manipulation (Editor: Gerhart U. Ryffel)
Role of Agroecology in Archieving Sustainable Agriculture (Editor: Carol Shennan)
Sustainability Performance of Conventional and Alternative Food Chains (Editor: Gianluca Brunori)
Sustainable Agriculture–Beyond Organic Farming (Editor: Sean Clark)

Not assigned to a section

A Contextual and Dynamic Understanding of Sustainable Urbanisation (Editors: Philipp Aerni, Amy Glasmeier)
Advanced IT based Future Sustainable Computing (Editors: James Park, Han-Chieh Chao)
Advances in Post Occupancy Evaluation (Editors: Behzad Sodagar, Rosi Fieldson)
Competitive and Sustainable Manufacturing in the Age of Globalization (Editor: Tin-Chih Chen)
Decipher the Present to Shape the Future- Rethinking the Urban–Rural Nexus (Editors: Federico Martellozzo, Beniamino Murgante)
Design (be)for(e) Disaster (Editor: Rob Roggema)
Life Cycle Assessment on Green Building Implementation (Editors: Vivian W. Y. Tam, Khoa Le, Liyin Shen)
Low Carbon Development for Emerging Markets (Editors: Guowei Hua, T.C. Edwin Cheng, Feng Chen, Shouyang Wang)
Renewable Energy Applications and Energy Saving in Buildings (Editors: Lin Lu, Jinqing Peng, Fu Xiao)
Smart Energy Regions—Drivers and Barriers to the Implementation of Low Carbon Technologies at a Regional Scale (Editor: Joanne Patterson)
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management (Editor: Young Lee)
Sustainability through the Lens of Environmental Sociology (Editor: Md Saidul Islam)
Sustainable management of waste and wastewater through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (Editor: Giovanni de Feo)
The Current and Future Role of Public Transport in Delivering Sustainable Cities (Editors: Wijnand Veeneman, Eefje Cuppen)
The Impacts of Climate Changes: From Sustainability Perspectives (Editor: Rachel Chen)