Section: Gender Studies

Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice (Editor: Christopher W. Mullins)

Section: Social Economics

A Social View of Economic Growth and Energy Consumption (Editors: María Del P. Pablo-Romero, Antonio Sánchez-Braza)
Adopting Circular Economy Current Practices and Future Perspectives (Editor: D'Adamo Idiano)
Agrifood Value Chains in Developed and Developing Countries: Issues and Perspectives (Editors: Cesar Revoredo Giha, Carlo Russo)
Environmental management and corporate social responsibility (Editor: Jesús ángel Del Brío)
Housing Market Fluctuations (Editor: Laura Tupėnaitė)
Industry 4.0 Implication for Economy and Society (Editors: Sebastian Kot, Beata Ślusarczyk, Daniel Francois Meyer, Paula Pypłacz)
Measuring Efficiency Considering Efficacy, Fairness and Uncertainty: Current Trends in Methods, Practice and Policies (Editors: Corrado lo Storto, Anatoliy G. Goncharuk)
Moral Responsibility of Corporate Sustainability (Editors: Jung Ha-Brookshire, Stacy H.N. Lee)
Regional Clusters: Sailing Together towards a New Economy (Editors: Manuel Expósito-Langa, José-Vicente Tomás-Miquel, José A. Belso-Martínez)
Social and Economic Aspects of Waste Management (Editor: Constantinos S. Psomopoulos)

Section: Community and Urban Sociology

Housing First: Ending Homelessness (Editor: Paul Flatau)
We Are Best Friends: Animals in Society (Editor: Leslie Irvine)

Not assigned to a section

Always On Anywhere: Streaming Television and Its Effects (Editor: Jacob Groshek)
Big Data and the Human and Social Sciences (Editors: Ivo Veiga, Ana Paula Pires, Inês Queiroz)
Child Protection and Social Inequality (Editors: Paul Bywaters, Brid Featherstone, Kate Morris)
Childhood and Society (Editor: Michael Wyness)
Civic Enterprises, the Co-Production of Public Governance and the Prospects for Democratic Renewal in Europe (Editors: Hendrik Wagenaar, Jurgen van der Heijden)
Community Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (Editor: Barbara Merrill)
Crime Prevention through Pro-Social Design (Editor: Rachel Armitage)
Engaged Scholarship for Resilient Communities (Editors: Richelle Winkler, Angie Carter)
Ethics of Climate Security and Disaster Planning (Editor: Keith Hyams)
Evaluating and Theorising Committee Scrutiny (Editors: Michael Cole, Jiajing Sun)
Extreme Sports, Extreme Bodies (Editors: Thomas Johansson, Jesper Andreasson)
Family, Bullying and Cyberbullying (Editor: Raul Navarro Olivas)
Feminisms: Forwards, Backwards and Something in Between (Editor: Barbara Fawcett)
Green Criminology (Editors: Bill McClanahan, Avi Brisman)
Inequality and Poverty (Editors: Nuno Crespo, Nádia Simões)
Integration and Resettlement of Refugees and Forced Migrants (Editors: Karen Jacobsen, Charles Simpson)
Labor Unions and the Changing Employment Relationships (Editor: Raymond Gibney)
Media and Nationalism in the Network Society (Editors: Martina Topic, Niamh Kirk)
Public Transport and Social Psychology (Editors: Risser Ralf, Matúš Šucha)
Race/Ethnicity, Crime and Social Control (Editor: Tina G. Patel)
Social Inequality and Residential Segregation in Urban Neighborhoods and Communities (Editor: Amy Spring)
Social Stratification and Inequality in Access to Higher Education (Editors: Vikki Boliver, Simon Marginson)
Society 5.0: Innovation, Uncertainty and Social Sciences (Editors: Sandro Serpa, Carlos Miguel Ferreira)
Sociological Theory and Human Rights (Editor: Mark Frezzo)
The Impact of Brexit on the EU and its Member States (Editors: Ben Tonra, Paul Gillespie)
The Psychosocial Implications of Disney Movies (Editor: Lauren Dundes)
Tourism and Social Regeneration (Editor: Nicholas Wise)
Tourism Interactions with Environment and Society in Europe (Editor: Angeliki Menegaki)
Welfare States and Employment (Editor: Bernhard Kittel)
Work-Family Balance and Gender (In)equalities in Europe: Policies, Processes and Practices (Editor: Isabella Crespi)