Advances in Mining Technology: The Digital Mine (Editor: Jonathon Ralston)
Big Data Initiative on Resources Management (Editor: Sonal Choudhary)
Ecological Footprint Assessment for Resources Management (Editors: Nadia Marchettini, Valentina Niccolucci)
Energy Efficiency and Resource-Efficient Technologies: From the Demand Side towards the Supply Side (Editor: Giorgio Besagni)
Existing & Potential CO2 Re-Use: Exploring the Evolving Field (Editor: Davide Bonalumi)
Management, Environment, Energy and Sustainability under a Circular Economy (Editors: Elena Cristina Rada, Elena Romenovna Magaril)
Renewable Resources, Clean Resources, Future Resources (Editor: Eliseu Monteiro)
Urban Mining for Resource Supply (Editor: Xianlai Zeng)