Section: Historical Studies of Religions

The Buddhist Imagination: Visions and Narratives (Editor: Francisca Cho)

Not assigned to a section

Christian Nationalism in the United States (Editor: Mark Edwards)
Christianity and China in the 21st Century (Editor: Mark G. Toulouse)
Empire, Socialism and Jews: Writing the Monarchy Back into Austrian History (Editors: Malachi Hacohen, Serena Bazemore, Thomas Prendergast)
English Poetry and Christianity (Editor: Kevin Hart)
In Anticipation: Transcendence and Eschatology in Contemporary Contexts (Editor: Justin Sands)
Pedagogy and Performance in Tibetan Buddhism (Editors: Michael Sheehy, Joshua Schapiro)
Plato in the Cathedral: Platonic Influence upon Early Christian Thought (Editor: Warren Smith)
Sacred Spaces (Editor: Sherin Wing)
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2016 “Nurturing the Spirit" (Editor: Fiona Timmins)