Section: Historical Studies of Religions

Late Medieval Christianity: Religious Cultures, Heresies, and Orthodoxies (Editor: J. Patrick Hornbeck II)

Section: Philosophical and Theological Studies

Perspectives on Reincarnation: Hindu, Christian, and Scientific (Editor: Jeffery D. Long)

Not assigned to a section

Body in the Bible (Editor: Yudit K. Greenberg)
Feminisms and the Study of “Religions” (Editor: Darlene Juschka)
Gender and Spirituality in the Renaissance: Teaching Women’s Religious Writings, 1300–1650, from Europe and the Americas (Editor: Jane Tylus)
Music: Its Theologies and Spiritualities—A Global Perspective (Editor: Edward Foley)
Race and Religion: New Approaches to African American Religions (Editor: Carolyn Medine)
Religion, Disability, and Social Justice: Building Coalitions (Editor: Darla Schumm)
Religious Diversity in a Pluralistic Society (Editors: Enzo Pace, Alberto da Silva Moreira)
Selected Papers from Spirituality in Healthcare Conference 2017 “Creating Space for Spirituality in Healthcare” (Editors: Fiona Timmins, Wilf McSherry)
Suicide Prevention, Religion and Spirituality (Editors: MA, PhD, MSuicidology, BSW)
The Public Role of Religion (Editors: Roberto Cipriani, Orivaldo Lopes, jr)
Theodicy (Editor: Jill Graper Hernandez)